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Stick traps? HELP!


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Alright, I'm doing a Treasure Trails. It's right next to camp Tyras by the pond. Problem is I'm stuck outside by a stick trap. Everytime I click "PASS STICK TRAP" my person dumbly walks forward and gets nailed 8. I've tried several time using all my time for today getting there. :wall: Any ideas? Oh, and my agility is 60. That's enough right?




Help would be great. Thanks.

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The stick traps let you only lets you run through in one direction. if you want to go the other way, you need to successfully pass the trap.




I don't remember much about those elven traps, but make sue there there's only one "pass" option. E.g. leaf traps have many of them and if you click the one on the other side of it, you'll always fail

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Yeah. I don't think running straight through will work. When I fail it just knocks me backwards. Worth a try. Is there an agility lvl that I don't have?




Thanks for the replys.


No, your just failing a lot. :lol:


Corporeal Drops:2xHoly elixers

Bandos Drops: Bcp(soloed) 5x hilts 8x tassets

Armadyl Drops:Armadyl Hilt(trio)

Zamorak Drops: 2xZamorakian spear 3x Steam battlestaff

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