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  1. You're confusing a company with a government. The owners of Jagex aren't elected, why on earth would they care about petitions and protests? As long this update remains profitable, it will not go away. So if you wanna change something, think of way to make it less profitable. Instead of a petition, why don't you try organising a mass unsubscription or something, which (if it works) might actually have a chance.
  2. Wow... Just wow.. How stupid do they think we are? :grin:
  3. 1) go to duel arena 2)stake your entire bank in one fight, disable magic, ranged and weapons. 3) put on those gloves 4)?????? 5)profit
  4. Now that's not a minor mistake. And "web language"? seriously?
  5. So... I guess it's true that 100% of rs players are (were) bots
  6. Maybe he spent slayer points on xp?
  7. Depends. You should lamp the skills that are hard to train for you personally. If you have trouble making cash - prayer/herblore, if you hate grinding - go with rc or agility, if there's a skill that you simply hate training - do that one.
  8. You must be new to this Jagex thing if you expected customer support <_< Regarding the mute.. As a former Pmod I assure you, mistakes happen. Not often, maybe one a year for me personally, but they do happen. Hell, it's possible to accidently mute someone because of a mis-click if you're not paying enough attention.
  9. Recovery questions won't let you find out the password, only set a new one. So if you logged in with your old password, it's not a problem with recoveries. My vote goes for a keyloger. Change your password using a different computer (preferably one that isn't connected to your computer with LAN or something) and run every scan you can think of.
  10. I think the GE limit doesn't exist anymore, though it's still kinda hard to get a big amount. A couple of weeks ago I got a couple thousand of battlestaves overnight.
  11. Recently I haven't heard of anyone being banned for actual botting :roll:
  12. You could kill nechs and bank the ashes. One problem: I'm pretty sure there are no safespots at nechs in the slayer tower <_<
  13. +9001 Anyway, in the long run this update could be a bad thing, or it could be a neutral thing, but I don't see how could it be a good thing.
  14. Mkay thanks, I'll try it out
  15. Another one from a guy who just came back :D Pretty much every thread about money has posts that suggest flipping. But what exactly is that and how is it done? I understand it's some form of merching, but that's where my knowledge ends. Is there a guide somewhere?
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