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  1. ice strykewyrms are an awesome task, can't believe it's your only task at 99 Slayer though :o
  2. Very nice find, i'll defiantly be using this :)
  3. Very nice, Congratulations on an awesome total level! :)
  4. IAmCyanide


    Only real thing i could recommend is changing the Farseer for an Infinity hat. however i haven't maged Miths so i am not sure.
  5. I'm lagging like crazy also. i hear there's a fix that's supposed to be coming out soon however.
  6. :o Hopefully Fraps will work then because that would be awesome. You could even make a mini-montage of the slayer tasks you have done instead of listing them all :) So close to 99 Slayer and Farming, GL!
  7. God you summoning has gone up fast :x So close to 99 slayer as well. Go Go Go ll0rt!
  8. Even though it was a necro, that's a pretty awesome Adventure Log.
  9. Ah, Sucks about your laptop. what are you gonna do until you get the connection for your PC back? :P
  10. A good tip for this task i have is; If you are low on food or you start getting hit a lot by the Jadinkos go to the offering stone and take about 5-10 Fruit (only) and use them. By the time you have used the all you will be back at maxed Jadinko points anyway - or close. Another thing i have notices is that range is very effective against them and i wouldn't recommend Praying Melee/Magic.
  11. WOW, i didn't read that article because i thought it would only be about the 15% offer, damn. Thanks for posting it, these new updates actually sound like they might save this year! Looking forward to RoTM and the new Slayer cave immensely!
  12. I got hacked 4 times in a row about a month ago, there was and still is nothing on my computer. Just post on the RSOF in the account security section called "Help i have been hijacked" and since then i have been fine. If you feel this sin't enough, then just make sure that you have a bank pin set and bank everything before you log out.
  13. Gratz on the 100 Dung :D I think you should go for 88 summoning now :P
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