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what weapon should i get at 70 att?


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i am currently training my attack to 70,i was wondering which weapon for me would be the best, my attack is currently 66 but should be 70 by tommorow or 2 days from now, i have 62 strength and 60 defence, i was thinking a whip would be good, but then i saw Verac's flail, any help would be appreciated,




P.S. i do not care about the cost, as long as it doesnt exceed around 5 mil then it is affordable for me




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Really depends on what you'll be training with it. For under 5mil whip is really the best option. Unless you are going to str train, then d scimmy.




BTW.... v flail really ain't that great unless you are using the set effect on a boss.

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I'd say go with whip, yeah it'll cost you about 1 to 1.1m but, after that theres no repair costs like all the barrows items, which can run you out of a bit of cash if you have a whole set. Also the barrows weapons themselves [hammers, flail, greataxe, spear] don't compare to the whip. Barrows is only good for the set special effect, and also the high defence if your looking at armour. But as far as weapons go, definetly go for the whip, after you have it, you'll wonder how you ever did without it, it hits hard and just about as fast as a dagger.




You'll love it. :thumbsup:



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Except that you can't wield a whip or barrows until you have 70 attack...




I used a Dragon long, worked fine for me. I spent the majority of my money on good armor and food so I could get faster XP that way.




Of course, after you get 70 Attack a whip is a great option.


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