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Killing Bork


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Super set, 2 prayer potions, the best melee armour you have, with whip / gs / whatever, and the rest the best food you can do (you want fast healing foods like sharks, not slow healing foods like pizzas).




When you get in there, pray against mage.




He will summon 4 or 5 "ork legions". They drop charms too, it's up to you if you want to kill them - if you're feeling confident do so, if you're struggling ignore them.




That's my method.




Alternatively, you can do the opposite to not much difference: Good mage defence armour and pray against melee.




Use the best prayer boosts you can - piety/chivalry/15% prayer.

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Best way i have found and i do it every day is-




wear full proselyte, d boots, dfs (if u have 1) superset and 1 prayer pot (im 99 prayer) Whip and a Addy Minatour or your best fighting familiar, 10-12 monks or sharks.




Before entering protal, summon familiar if you havn't already done so, tank up.




When the cut scene ends run to where the portal is with pro mage on. When Bork gets close turn on melee protect and piety. Do not use mage protect again, when Bork summons his mini followers, run to the opposite end along the wall and hide in the recess until Bork comes for you.




His followers will stay where they are and the mage will depending upon where he was situated stay with them and leave you alone. If on the other hand the mage is off screen in middle somewhere turn mage protect oon until Bork reaches you, then switch back.




Good LUck

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