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help with starting roving elves plz?


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I've done another attempt to START roving elves...


The 2 quest start points are messing with me, because there's nobody to talk to there... I'm at the one place right now with the fire (northern start point) for close to 15 minutes...




So what am I doing wrong? The quest guide says it changes bout every 5 minutes, and at first when the elves weren't at the fireplace spot, i went to the other starting point, but couldn't find them there either, so i went back to the northern one, can't find anyone...




I got 250 quest points so not really an unexperienced quester...


any help plz?



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They are listed here








Wait at one spot for 5 min. Don't run around, they may switch spots by the time you get to the other one.



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