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Tormented demons setup


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So I've decided to kill some of them. Can anyone explain what the best setup is? I've heard about the need of the darklight, and use 2 different types of attack (range/melee), but I'd like a complete setup and tactic. Would be appreciated if anyone can provide a quick walkthrough :)

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You deffinitly need a darklight/silverlight - for destroying the demon's "firewall".






- Ava's accumulator


- Broad bolts(work the best for me)


- DFS or something(i use unholy book)


- Rune crossbow


- Karil's top


- Verac's bottom


- Helm of Neitiznot


- Dragon boots(you could also use snakesnin/ranger)


- A good amulet(fury or glory)


- Berserker>Ranger>Warrior ring or if you prefer ring of life(better bring it until you know how to fight them)






- Super Attack& Strength pot, Range pot, 3 Prayer pots


- Darklight


- Melee weapon; Godsword or Whip


- Bullseye lantern with sapphire lens


- quick teleport


- the rest Sharks




Familiar(depends on which one):


- 1 prayer pot (i'd say 2 or 3 if you have pack yak)


- rest sharks






The best spot is the one which is the most crowded :D When you get in you will probably see someone there. Only one demon spawns there and only one will attack you. Reveal to him so he starts attacking you(put mage pray on) and run behind the pillar, so he comes there. Range him until he changes the prayer to range and then switch to darklight and fight him with it until his firewall is destroyed(when you hit more than zero(0)), then you can fight him with normal weapons, but you have to change combat style when he changes prayer.




About his attacks:


He has three(3) attacks: melee, mage and range. Range attack is the most powerful, so be careful. He can easily hit a few 20+ in a row. He will usually use the same attack for a few rounds(varies) and then will change to something else. When you see him shake, you will have to switch prayer, but it's only a guess which one will he use.




Dragon halberd:


Some people use dragon halberd, so they avoid his melee attack and they have easier work with switching prayers.




I hope this helps. Oh, also try watching some videos on YouTube. Make sure you find a good one ;)


"Happines only real when shared."





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