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Help with Transparent Images on Paint


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You can't do transparency on Paint.




Try downloading GIMP, it's free and is similar to expensive programs like Photoshop.








Also, just because the background is transparent it doesn't mean the size of the image will be what you can see, the canvas is still the same size and the image will take up the same amount of room. I only say that because of all the white space you've got on the picture you posted. Taking off the stuff you don't need is called 'cropping'.

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Alternatively, if you find GIMP as confusing as I do, go with Paint.Net. It's like Microsoft Paint meets usefulness. It looks kindof like Paint (Interface-wise), but you can do transparency and everything else you would need for basic image editing.




Nothing against GIMP, but I just find it hard to use/understand.




Also, listen to pyromancer. If you were trying to use that image as a signature, you wouldn't be able to, as it's much too large. Use the selection tool and put it around the image, copy it (ctrl+C), open a new project (ctrl+n I think) with a small canvas size (unless it automatically snaps to the dimensions of the copied image, like PhotoShop does), and paste it in (ctrl+V). Then you should go from all the transparency and a giant 500x600 image (just a guess) to one that's 150x300 (again, a random guess), a decent size for signatures, and with nothing you don't want to see.

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