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  1. Ignorant much? I don't believe in Global Warming as they're presenting it. I do believe in Global Cooling. We're in the transition stage between Ice Ages. It happens every couple hundred thousand years or so. The Earth heats and cools naturally. Sure, pollution has caused some problems but it's not really anything. The Earth will get warmer, oh well. So yes, there is Global Warming, but we didn't make it happen. If you want a solution, go Futurama style and make a whole bunch of rockets point one direction and move the earth back in it's orbit, thus cooling it. What you should be worried about is the lack of fuel sources. We're projected to run out of oil in 50 years, and Coal 50-100 years after that. Lose our 2 main sources of energy, and we go from living in nice air conditioned apartments to beating each other with clubs for the right to a cool cave. True ignorance is harassing people for having a different opinion than yours over something that's incredibly controversial. Don't accept everything people tell you is fact, as a fact. If I told you I shat out rainbows and pissed molten lead on my enemies, would you believe me? Absolutely not (if you do, pass the drugs along to me). You know better than that (I would hope). So, I know better than to think we're causing the earth to burn up all by ourselves, but I'm not going to just blatantly disregard your side of the argument because I think you're wrong. That idea for the rockets, although modified a bit (I included nuclear winter too, among other things), got me the only 100% on an essay in history dealing with "going green" in an attempt to stop "Global Warming".
  2. Learn C++, then we can talk. Script kiddies aren't hackers, they're human failboats, destined to sink. To make the librarian see screenshots, you need to reverse-engineer the software they use to monitor you, or get access to their computer and install the server-side end of a trojan you made (and considering most don't have admin access and can't install programs, you're pretty much screwed). The windows kernel was written in C, and the fun stuff like IE (like programs or parts of the GUI) were written in C++. Knowing assembly language wouldn't hurt you either, but it's not really a necessary step. So if you're planning on doing just basic changes, learn C++. If you want to make a kernel-level rootkit that masks itself, focus mainly on C. If you want to get around filters, HTML and Javascript will be your friends. These people aren't hackers, they either pull off dos pranks, like where your computer shuts down after 60 seconds (lame) or script kiddies (Look, I put a trojan that someone else made on the principals computer!). If you didn't make it yourself using a real language and exploiting holes in the OS or a program (like Novell, so easy to hack that), then you didn't hack.
  3. I applaud you on not procrastinating =D> How do you mess up in chemistry and Algebra? Algebra is easy, I either slept or did work for other classes in Algebra and got a B, and I never did homework in there. Ever. It's too easy. Geometry is a [bleep] to learn though, you have my sympathy if you do bad in Geometry. Chemistry is easy though. I had 101-107% in Chemistry for most of the year...Haven't found a better way to end the school day than by blowing something up. The "Big Boom Guy" should agree here. People would do so much better in classes if they took half the time used text messaging and turned that into focus on the class. I get asked to help people who I know don't ever focus on the class itself. Let their their other idiot friends teach them, I have work from my last class I could be doing here, instead of at home.
  4. Flash memory can fail too, although it's less likely, I've just never gotten an mp3 player that used flash-based memory. Plus, why spend $150 on a flash based 8GB nano when I spend $100 more that and get a HD-based iPod or Zune with 15x the storage (120GB)? I'll crack the screen before the warranty goes bad, so I'm good. And it is equated to the argument, because you have some people who can't live without one, some who can't live without the other, and some people who don't really care which one, they may just go with the majority. I know they're different, and the Zune isn't supported on Macs, but that doesn't take away the validity of the point that they do the same thing with different appearances/methods. It's a user preference. People will naturally prefer one over the other, whether it's because of problems in the past or a deeply rooted hatred for a brand, but they both will allow you to accomplish the same goal - store and listen to music, but how you do it (click wheel or touch-sensitive D-pad, start menu or dock) varies a lot. If you don't like the Zune, go with the Zen. My teacher had one for a year and a half without problems, and my friend said his is fine. I haven't heard anything bad about them either, so it's probably a safe choice, although I have no experience with one. It's a cheaper alternative, but i looked at the player and I see no problems with it, aside from a high price/GB ratio.
  5. [hide=for sloter]Software (like the BIOS), can't beep. It can cause hardware to beep. The motherboard isn't the cause of the beep, which is what thrash and I were attempting to explain (or at least I was). The BIOS is the cause of the beep, the speaker is just the way the beep got heard. The motherboard has no part in the beep code being issued except being a bus for the request from the software to the speaker. That's what a motherboard does, it connects all the parts so that software can interact with hardware. It doesn't spit out errors by itself. It's the Technology in a building (the whole tower being the building and the buses being a phone line). The BIOS (Executive) calls the POST (the IT guys) to check everything (all the important technology) for problems. If IT reports a problem, it phones the Exec, who announces the problem over loudspeaker (the internal speaker) to everyone (in this case you). The Mobo doesn't do anything except hold the different things that needs to be checked and allow for communication between different parts. If you want to believe the motherboard is more than this, be my guest. I'm done. I only copied the "Pre Operative Self Test" part because I had never heard of the POST referred to as that, only as "Power On Self Test". Last time I checked, this forum was for questions...Did I miss a rule change?[/hide] The only problem I've found for the OP is the keyboard card, as they mentioned. Try unplugging the keyboard and plugging it back in, checking for any keys being depressed (which happens to me occasionally when I don't pick up my keyboard in time if I leave it on my laptop, it'll depress the space key and the computer will either pop up an error message or beep). Then, if that fails, try using another keyboard (not a USB one, one with the PS/2 (standard) connector. If that succeeds, you have a bad keyboard, buy a new one (they're like $20 for a decent one that will last you awhile). If it fails, try a usb keyboard. If that doesn't work, I fear you need a new motherboard, unless there's something else wrong, like ram that's not properly seated. Few more questions that may help: How old is the computer, and when was the last time you did an upgrade in relation to when the beep codes started. Ex: you just added a RAM stick and it started to beep the next day. Although all I've found for 3 beeps means something went bad, mostly chips on the mobo, there could be a custom error or something I've missed, which is why the extra questions are warranted.
  6. Hmm, my grandfather is in the market for an HDTV as well, so I must watch this thread (although we're a country south of Canada, I'm sure I could find similar options as the ones suggested). As far as the plasma vs LCD debate, I personally would like a plasma display over LCD. Although they aren't as long lasting (well, getting closer, but LCDs still have a slight edge), they provide a better picture, due mostly to more accurate and richer blacks and darker colors, but again, it's getting closer. I found an enlightening article on cnet about plasma vs lcd: http://www.cnet.com.au/tvs/0,239035250,240036500,00.htm If it's anything like monitors, I'd choose a Plasma TV (though with a tight budget, it may not be possible). My dad and I have monitors that are about the same size and resolution, but his looks a lot better than mine (his is a plasma, mine is a LCD).
  7. My iPod was DOA after being late to be shipped, that was just wonderful. On the whole though, I've yet to meet someone with a Zune that was unhappy with it, save you. I know many people who are unhappy with their iPod though. I suppose it's a matter of personal preference. As long as you spring for the extended warranty, go for what you like to use more. For me that's the Zune. This argument goes back to Mac vs Windows too (After all, iPod = Apple = Mac, Zune = Microsoft = Windows). There are differences and similarities between the two, but it depends on your preference, and if you want to belong to the majority (Windows, iPod) or the minority (Mac, Zune). tl;dr - To each, His own.
  8. Technically the motherboard isn't beeping either, the internal speaker is (which is attached to the motherboard yes, but the actual motherboard isn't beeping, just as the BIOS isn't beeping, it's just a hub for the error message). If you want to be a [bleep] about this, we could go all day, how about you just leave it alone? When the POST (are you sure it's Pre-Operative? I thought it was Power On Self Test...Same thing eh?) fails for any reason, the BIOS (which handles the POST for the most part) reads this error, and routes an error message (in the form of audible beeps today, before it was a code like the BSOD has) to the internal speaker attached to the motherboard. The motherboard isn't beeping, the speaker is as a result of a request from the BIOS, which is why they are called BIOS beep codes. Try to think a bit more before you go on bashing people. Go read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power-on_self-test before you think about insulting me too. (I could find more articles that verify the wiki too, if you want to argue about it).
  9. Alternatively, if you find GIMP as confusing as I do, go with Paint.Net. It's like Microsoft Paint meets usefulness. It looks kindof like Paint (Interface-wise), but you can do transparency and everything else you would need for basic image editing. Nothing against GIMP, but I just find it hard to use/understand. Also, listen to pyromancer. If you were trying to use that image as a signature, you wouldn't be able to, as it's much too large. Use the selection tool and put it around the image, copy it (ctrl+C), open a new project (ctrl+n I think) with a small canvas size (unless it automatically snaps to the dimensions of the copied image, like PhotoShop does), and paste it in (ctrl+V). Then you should go from all the transparency and a giant 500x600 image (just a guess) to one that's 150x300 (again, a random guess), a decent size for signatures, and with nothing you don't want to see.
  10. Of course it works sitting in your closet. Without use, there's nothing to break. I've had problems with both iPods I've had. The screens aren't really durable, and the hard drive failure rate is around 10-20% (stats from 2005, found on Wikipedia). Plus, the screen scratches incredibly easily, as I quickly found out with both of mine. I would go with the Zune if I had to pick. It's about the same price as the iPod (at least for the 120GB model), but it's more durable, looks nicer, and can do more (FM radio anyone?). So the UI isn't perfect, it's still easy to use and get to what you want. I would much prefer a Zune over a new iPod
  11. I was 13 when I entered 9th grade. Having spent most of my school life in various private schools, save High School, I would say yes. But, you also get more help on your work (I went from an average class size of 10 to an average size of 30). I think the last private school I was in, also the largest, had around 175 kids total, from kindergarten to 8th grade (the first graduating class had 6 people). My High School now has about 2,000 people, and the Junior class (mine) is 550+ people.
  12. I play Frets on Fire, which is like Guitar Hero for the computer (except open source and not breaking copyright laws like Guitar Zero seems to do). I'll have to agree on building a desktop though. They are relatively cheap to put together, especially with the holidays coming up. You could probably get most parts as gifts (that's my list - parts for projects I've wanted to do). It would cost like $750 to get a decent gaming rig together, but you may have spare parts around too, like an extra HD or some fans.
  13. I have a 3.46 weighted cumulative gpa according to my transcript, but I got that at the beginning of this year so it isn't current, but close. Unweighted it's a 3.29. I'm ranked 106th in my class though, which puts me at the top 20%, which kinda sucks, but I'm doing better this (Junior) year than I had been the last 2. Plus, if I keep in the top 20%, I'm guaranteed a place in college here (Florida). Oh, and Cabbage - according to our system (in Florida at least, should be the whole US), you have a C. B is 80-89 (or if they do rounding, 79.5-89.4). I can't remember the last time I did a homework assignment that wasn't a major project at home, and I get A's and B's. Then again, I have over an hour for lunch (compared to the regular half hour), and most of the time I'm done with my work in my Gaming class early, so I have a lot of time to do spare work. Either way, I rarely do work outside of school, which is rather amazing. I usually just spend time in my next class doing work for the previous one.
  14. I agree on all, but I can debate the last one. I enjoy a wide range of music, from classical (think Mozart) to classic rock to power metal (Sonata Arctica, Dragonforce if you need a popular reference), but 2 genres I don't believe are music are rap (maybe with actual meaning to the "songs" it would be better, but anyone can talk to music, it's not hard), and screamo death metal (or whatever you would consider Cannibal Corpse and the like), in which you can neither hear the lyrics, or want to. It's just one long, low growl that varies in pitch occasionally to signal that there may have been a word ending and a new one beginning. I'm sorry, but I just can't see how these are classified as music, and not just noise...
  15. Maybe you have some otherworldly computer setup then. When I run two monitors, be it on my desktop, or attach a second one to my laptop, if I open up RS or WoW or anything else full screen, the other screen goes black, same with seemingly everyone else. Maybe we're all just doing something wrong.
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