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hello tip.it members! its been a while.... i quit about 8 or so months ago and i might want to get back(i quit cuz my main got hacked) Right now i have a lvl 41 pure strength that i used for bounty hunter..... id like to use him but he really only has combat skills... maybe some mining and wc firem and cooking. Should contine combat skills or train the other skills and become a main again?

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make it a main, pures arent worth it as a primary account.



[hide=Siggy credits]The Awesome, Epic, Amazing, S3xah A-10 Sig By Unolexi! I wub u Uno!

InsanityV2 Did the Franz Ferdinand Sig.

Killerwatt is responsible for the Arctic Monkeys sig.

Pat_61 did the B-2 sig and the raptor sig.[/hide]

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