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  1. Goodbye, Lovers and Friends, So sad, to leave you, When we lie and say "This is not the end.", You can laugh as if we're still together... Dear RuneScape, It's not you, It's me. That old cliche. But it really is true here. It's been rocky between us recently, and it's time to end it. The year we spent apart while I was in school was rough. I had no free time, personal space, or internet. You boldly claimed you could eliminate all bots forever. There was also the nasty business of you running headlong into an affair with that scumbag "Micropayments" guy. But I forgave you, and Me and him are starting to not hate each other so much. You know I tried to make it work. I was full of enthusiasm. Spent so much time with you, almost like the old days. All the new things you made looked wonderful, and the things you made while was away were great too. Money was a problem, but when is it not? And it was high quality stuff too, something an old hand like myself could appreciate. So why is this letter being written, even though I think you're awesome? Well partly, because you want me to bring friends along. To everything. While that's not a bad thing, you know most of my RS friends moved on long ago. I tried to make new ones and had a nasty experience. I've always been an independent guy, willing to pay for help but preferring to do it myself. Also, I think we just grew apart. a year is a long time, and i felt I could never catch up. Plus there's the fact that while I'm a top fighter, that's all I really did. So once I reached the apex, and all you had to offer me was really expensive clothes to fight in, I kind of lost interest in what you made. Your crafted goods were nice and all, but I never really cared for them. So in closing, I wish you the best, and go on to meet new people. I wish you nothing but success. Live Long and Prosper. Signed, Slayer Jesse. (P.S. Or as you knew me in the old days, linkzelda30.) ...But this really is the end...
  2. for a microtransaction hater... im surprisingly ok with this. i'm taking a "Wait and see" approach to it. still fail how its a money sink, as anyone with half a brain wont trade them with tax more than once.
  3. we almost did it on w 78, except for a troll who always picked early. i had to organize10 ppl in my fc, hop, and we did it there lol.
  4. it took something like 40 minutes for me to finish an "8 minutes left" game. i went and played a couple world of tank matches and came back lol. never seen server lag so bad...
  5. alright, thanks guys. i think i might try steel or mith IV, and if dont like that ill prob superheat while mining.
  6. hmm. didnt notice the overrides. now wearing my colonists hat with sara warpriest, looks pretty spiffy in light blue.
  7. i would if not for hte fact that i dont have a good sheild, and ive never been before :P
  8. how much of a speed loss is it using a furnace? if i do furnace, i was thinking of maby smleting them into jewlry for the bit of craft xp. i already have 99 magic so id rather save on the nat runes. I have varrock armor 3. if i went the traditional smithing route, what's good to make? are unfinished bolts still the best? for artisans, what tier should i make for a decent cost/speed ratio? should i only make highest metals or can i get away with doing iron? or would that be worse than other methods?
  9. tutuorial mode is under gamepaly options, be sure to make sure the box is clear.
  10. i more wear mine for the 5% crit en every style. i only really notice the healing when out of food.
  11. look up the haunted mine quest guide.
  12. Alright i need 80 smith for the tzhaar quest, and 90 for tetsu. I'm thinking artisans workshop since i dont have the unlocks yet. What metal and ingot tier should i use? I dont have that much cash, but id be willing to put more into it if it means im not there forever. (between bossing and frosts im sure i can make the money.) Will sacred clay hammers stack with the smithing amulets from doric's quest and sof? I keep hearing about warbands, but i have never done them. how much xp can i get from doing them? (not just smith, also interested in herb and con)
  13. ...is that supposed to be glacors?
  14. everything is the same, therefore boring? nice insane troll logic there....
  15. as a general rule, ultimates aren't that great. thresholds are usually better.
  16. whats the gp/h of crossbows? i know bossing is random but id like to get a comparison point.
  17. Hey there Tip.It. Now that I've been back for awhile, I feel comfortable to start really bossing again. However There's a couple new bosses, plus hard mode GWD and some other stuff. So I'm a little lost, lol. I'm going to list off my gear and stats and we'll go from there on each one. Goals: Drygore main and offhand longswords, enough cash for 90 smithing and Tetsu. (long term 99 pray and herblore) Current gp: 3m (i lost a good chunk of change before i quit. If needed i can farm frost dragons for supply cash.) Stats: Attack, Strength, Defense, Hp, Magic: 99 Range, Prayer, Summoning: 96 Herblore: 95 Gear: Melee: Full bandos (minus helm) Chaotic long, offhand rapier, maul Fury Tokhar-zur...zull... Advanced fire cape :P 6th Age Circuit Magic: Full gano Chaotic Staff Saradomin cape Warpreist boots and gloves (not sure if barrows are better than priest gloves) Arcane Stream Necklace 6th Age Circuit Range: Royal dhide. (sad i know.) Dual chaotic crossbows 6th Age Circuit Warpreist boots and gloves Fury Ava's Alerter Gear questions: 1: Are the subjugation robes any good? 2: seeing as the only t80 magic dual wields are nex, and i cant afford that, are the t70's worth it over chaotic staff? 3: What range armor should i be shooting for? So, boss questions. 1: how much better is loot in hard mode gwd, and what size teams should i be aiming for with sara and bandos? 2: is solo normal sara viable now? 3: Never done nex, always wanted to. What kind of gear will i need, and should i max range 1st? 4: Given my stats and gear, what style should i try QBD with? 5: Same as 4, except KK. also what size team will i need? 6: same as 5, but Vorago. 7: Would you recommend getting keystones over any of these methods? How many keys do i need to boss effectively?
  18. Yaaay! 1 more 99 for maxed combat. (unless you count summ and pray, lol) Also, guy in photo just got 99 aswell, we had both spent all day training it, and we both were EST and had stayed up late. And i just happen to be on same world as him at same time, lol. Coincidence overload X_X
  19. so is it worth trying to get keys from slay tasks and trying to kill the boss? or could someone link me to a guide? im lost here lol.
  20. now that its been out, it seems the dialogue choices are set up to re-enforce your pre-existing opinions on sara, not change them.
  21. i just started ports 2 weeks ago and that makes me a sad panda :(
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