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Meeting History - make map ahead?


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Between step 17 and 18 there should be another step.


[hide=What it reads right now]17. Use the medicine with Sarah to stop her crying and Roger will tell you how humans first arrived on Runescape.




18. Search the shelves in the south east corner of the building and take the Papyrus and Charcoal. Use the charcoal with the papyrus and you will draw a map of Runescape. Use the map with Laura to aid her travels.[/hide]




It should be:


"17.5) Return to 'Past - B'. Ask Laura about her travels. She will tell you that she could have used a map to to aid her on her travels."




Then step 18 should have "Return to 'Past - A'." in it also.

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When we did the quest you could make the map without speaking to Laura first. If it would not let you, please post.






[23 oct 2009: topic has expired, removing it]


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