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How to sell a Top Hat


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Hello everyone,




I just got a top hat because someone sold it to me for 250k :D :D :D \:D/




Now, I know that the street price of them is much higher than 250k (about 2 mil, I think I've heard). So does this mean that I get a whole lot of junk that adds up to about 1.75 mil to put in with the top hat for when I trade?




And second, where do I sell this? Which world, and where in that world? This is the first time I've ever gone with this new "junk and street prices" thing, so hit me with the advice!




Thanks in advance,


Dragoon Z2



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Yes. Let's put some math into here:




Let 'm' represent market price


Let 't' represent total price


Let 's' represent street price




To allow the desired amount to be achieved, let's assume that 's' = 2M. (Really you would need to do some research beforehand to find the accurate street price of the hat - use the RSOF for that ;))


Now, if 'm' = 250k as you have said then you would need to find the difference between those two variables to find how much junk you need to fill in. (s minus m) gives you the amount of junk you need to produce in order to match up to your desired selling price and the 't' must be within the trade limit for both parties.




-You are selling Top Hat and Junk


-Other party is giving you pure cash, essentially paying the market price for your junk in order to be within the trade limits.




On a side note, DO NOT buy junk. You are essentially going to be breaking even if you do so, so the best way to do this is to use by-products from skills that do not sell, that way you are just gaining money from things that you cannot sell otherwise.




Hope that cleared things up ::'


99 Hits, Attack, Strength, Defence, Mage, Summoning, Slayer, Ranged, 96/99 Prayer

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Awesome, I got the idea perfectly.




Two more questions:


1. Anyone know the street price of a top hat? (I'll go look it up in the RSOF, but if you happen to know it, or want to buy, just let me know)




2. Where do I sell it? What world, where in there, etc.




Thanks for all your help,


Dragoon Z2



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