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Good Goal Stats?


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Hi there.




I'm starting a new Range/2h hybrid named I Hail Me I.




My goal stats for the hybrid are as follows:












I used


http://www.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Experience and used its Experience table to determine how much HP I'd gain from 10HP by training these stats to my goal, and I got 49. So basically I'd get 59HP for 40, 20 & 55.








I used RuneHQ's calculator for combat and I put these stats in, I got a combat level of 41.




Combat Level: 41




Are these good stats to PK with? My friend tells me he has 55 range and can "rapid" 10s with addy arrows, that's what I'd like to hit.

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i guess those goals are ok, certainly not great but your hp calculation is off. there isnt a chance that with those stats you will have 59 hp, im pretty sure that it would actually be about 49, not 49+10. good luck pking. you might also consider matching your range level with magic for mage def and teleports, will give hp points depending on your training methods and wont raise your combat level.

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