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Eh... I have started a quest pure!

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Hello! I have started a quest pure, named "Uhes". My main account it named "Minergoo". Im trying to reach the goal of having Dragon slayer competed by christmas.


This was a mining pure at one point, but I decided I hated mining.


The stats:




They arnt much, but it better than starting from scratch. :thumbsup:


I have nothing much in my bank, just a mith plate and about 4k. :(






Quest points: 33


Quests Im going to do: (done ones are in green)


Black Knights fortress


Cooks assistant


Demon slayer


Dorc`s quest


Dragon slayer


Ernist the chiken


Goblin diplomacy


Imp catcher


Pirates Tresure


The resstless ghost


Romeo and Juliet


Rune mysteries


Sheep Shearer


Vampire Slayer


Witches potion

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