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Staying focused and ....


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Enjoy yourself.




Level are not what RS is all about, fun is! I never found grinding very apealing, hence my so-so levels.




If you want good stats, be prepared for some serious work. If you couldn't expose that before, why would our advice differ that?




For fast/efficient levelling, refer to the Archive of Wisdom (AoW) where there are excellent guides for raising the stat of your liking.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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here are my tips:




-stick on ONE SKILL and dont try to combine skills...


for exmaple: if you like woodcutting, then only woodcut and dont try to fm while woodcutting


or the best example is mining, you can get 10-15k while mining coal and superheating mith/addy bars..but you could also mine iron (and drop) and make up 40-45k xp... this saves time..


-set goals, this is reallly important to keep on training, at least 5-7 lvls.. so the time you spend is worth the effort.


The goals should be milestones like mage 94, mining 85.. or even 99 if you want to go on, but dont make that big goals... like mining all your pure ess, then making them into nats, and high alching your way to 99... this is not efficient..


-make money before you train the buyable skill you like, yep, if you have a huge cash-pile you care more about the skill then the money, so dont ask yourself "how many levels can i achieve with this money", instead of ask yourself "how much will this level cost", so you can earn enough money..


-try to train your skills, with the most efficient method, efficient doesnt mean the cheapest nor the expensive way to train one skill... for example: you could burn willow they are really cheap, but dont give that many xp, or you could burn maples and make more xp but pay more (which is not that more tbh) or even yews if you earn more money per hour, but for the most of the players maple is the "effiecient method"...


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Set yourself a goal and keep to that goal. Don't stop before you have reached that goal. Of course you can do other things, take small breaks to be with friends and so on, but don't start on another goal before you're done with the first one.


Also, as said before, have fun. Variate your gameplay, and only play when you feel for it.


Good luck.



Add me if you so wish: SwreeTak

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