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  1. "Rite of Passage - Jagex's working name for Goiebe quest. Kappa kappa kappa." Not nice :(
  2. I can confirm that they are spread out for all combat. I don't know the intentions' of Jagex, but they are spread out for all kinds of PvM I have tested since the update this summer (and that is A LOT).
  3. Decided to get 200M in my favourite skill many, many months ago, and after a long, long time, finally managed to max it and get it as my first 200M:
  4. Of course! Huge gratz :D Also gratz on winning the race, I just passed 195,2....:P
  5. Fair point, however I think it's likely to maintain upkeep similar to a normal quest cape or Comp. Also, I don't think it's likely for skill requirements to go much higher than they are. To do so would mean making content that would be too disproportionate to how many can play it vs how much time to develop it. To do so would be to waste resources and be very thick headed. Which obviously means they will do it and this point is moot. They will, slowly, like they always did. I first got my questcape when level 70 cooking was the highest skill req, and that was seen as really high. And we will probably reach a stage where skills will reach level 120 (it is not really an "will it happen" but "when will it happen" imo). @Hellring, you are right. Though my main concern, that this should be a cape to strive for for quest cape holders, stands, as right now this is more of a mini-comp cape, I still think this cape will miss the intended target audience. Perhaps, but Jagex is very obsessed with numbers, even if no one can apparently do math over there. Depending on the type of quest, the difficulty, the resource budget, etc, they probably have a target amount of people they want to be able to do the quest. I think that's what determines the level requirements for the most part. That's why I don't think it'll get too high. Everything is relative though, and with time even level 90+ will be required in several skills to do a quest. Let's just wait and see what the requirements will be for FotG2, now shouldn't we?
  6. Time to start preparing then I guess :) I will probably be doing crafting and summoning.
  7. The Master Quest Cape should have high requirements, there's no doubt about it. 117 Dungeoneering is rather extreme though, as was many of the other requirements before Mod Manti revised them. There's also all those RNG lore journal drops. After all these revisions the cape have become more of what I would like to call a "Master Lore Cape" than a Master Quest Cape. All fine with me though, as I am a comped lorehound myself, but I do imagine (and know as well) that many lower leveled lorehounds doesn't like all the further high leveled content requirements that for example includes GWD bossing at all. Still though the general lore and questing community seems to be much happier with these revised requirements and guidelines. Especially the removal of Livid Farm. And I can agree fully with that change, Livid Farm makes sense for Comp, but not for this cape. It really isn't very well related to the lore and quest activities as such. Not to mention that its design and repetitivness is very far from a "quest atmosphere" in lack of better words. No matter what though, Mod Manti certainly hasn't taken on an easy task. The lore and questing community of this game is in many ways rather split, and there's going to be a rather large minority who won't be happy with the finalised requirements for the Master Lore Quest Cape no matter what happens. I am myself however very pleased with its current development.
  8. I looked so much forward to listen to this one and now I am at work...I will listen to it tonight.
  9. No, she was given Tier 4 status which would make her a god. The question is what happened to her power and why not turn to stone. V was killed, but his energy was channelled into a Kin. It would have to go somewhere. Maybe Vorago didn't kill her proper? Maybe he stunned her and next week someone else will kill her for real, take the energy and turn her to stone. Maybe Big Z? Harness her energy for something and makes the portal permanent? I believe that this was brought up on the latest Dev Q&A stream. Tuska's power is still flowing partly through her, but she is Guthix-dead. From next week we will probably see a change of some sort as her power will in much have gone to the portal that leads to Mazcab. I somehow doubt she will all turn to stone because of some special Jagex new lore invention thingy.
  10. If handled properly this can become the best major update of the game. And I am fully serious. I really do hope they also rework the non-elite skills as well sometime. Mining, Smithing and Construction mainly.
  11. Well congratulations to yet another 5,2B total. We're getting really close to filling that first page out now. Should totally have a broadcast for when that happens as well :P
  12. Completionist cape obtained :D

  13. Awesome to see you guys updating the website with all this recent (and not so recent) content. Hopefully this can attract even more players to these great forums as well. Keep up the great work :)
  14. Finally a proper packed month! The only thing here which is a bit of a filler is the beach party thing in my opinion, but that might be because I just don't think it fits in RS. Meh. Great month to look forward to, especially that V---- quest!
  15. I was sadly negatively surprised by the quality of this event. Certainly the game mechanics are cool, and so are the surroundings. But there's next to no new lore and no matter what faction you represent you get the same dialogue information. The raid D&D quickly get repetitive as well. A lot of people are also actually ignoring the event now, mainly because the rewards are only possible to get "overtime". There's no overcapping and you only get rewarded for one stab a day. A plus for the game mechanics, the graphics and the surroundings in general (it is cool to be out in space, no doubt), but the storyline immersion and the whole "OMFG TUSKA IS GOING TO EAT US ALL" is lacking very heavily. I am also very surprised Zamorak is in second place. He lost the first world event, and Bandos who could be seen as his 'ally' in much of ideology, lost his previously as well. I mean, Zamorak got DaT not too long ago which could explain part of it, but still...Especially as Zamorak was pretty much last during the first two days of this event.
  16. I look forward to the billion total xp announcements update a lot. I am not that terrible far away from the 1B mark and it would be cool to broadcast it to my friends and the world I am on :). And to hit 5,2B should definitely be broadcasted globally. It is a HUGE achievement.
  17. So I finally got my last level in the game a while back. Now Comp is next. I still got a few small requirements left, but Livid Farm, all quests and tasks as well as music is unlocked. Hopefully I can get it in two week's time. And this of course made me extra happy...
  18. As stated above, ".com" is for international sites. RuneScape is a big online game which has international customers, therefore ".com" is the DNS that makes the most sense.
  19. Hello fellow Gielinorians! I got a simple question for you all that I would like to get answered: How would I best go around obtaining my final Marmaros and Thok Letter (Part 4) from Dungeoneering? I got all but this letter unlocked, and am currently level 118. I would prefer to get it before I hit the maximum level. Do I need to keep redoing the floors around the 15-25 mark, as I have heard from a few sources? Do those need to be of any certain complexity? Any certain size to maximize my chances? All and any help is very much appreciated.
  20. A neat update, though it could in my opinion have been a bit more fleshed out. I would love to have seen some more varied ways to get the different items, as in maybe as a reward from Fish Flingers, perhaps? Now you just have to grind fishing.
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