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  1. meaning i have to go back to uni and start work soon again for the past 4 months I've been having a gay old time either sitting around, travelling, eating, sleeping and so on so forth
  2. by this i mean life has been fairly relaxed, laidback and carefree. and soon i will get my ass kicked unless i pull my head in and my socks up
  3. i've got a pretty sweet gig going these days too bad it ends soon. so soon.
  4. i_love_burritos


    [bleep]ing disgusting. reese's make me want to eat a whole shit tonne feel like crap and then vomit. peanut butter and chocolate dear lord what an abomination now these are good
  5. me; hey [bleep] lets go drinking friend; nah had surgery need to rest ; hey [bleep] lets hang out ; nah ; hey adrenal my place 20 minutes bring weed (dun got it man), mates coming over lets go. exbawxxx and boardgames ; okay, see you in 30 what the [bleep] is this. oh well
  6. german is the shit did 4 years in highschool and then i forgot everything. but yeah, I want to learn several languages. that's something I've always wanted to do actually. and [bleep] there's no organic/synth dedicated units. I can either take forensic/environmental and biological molecules (1,2) which is compulsory so I figure I'd do that so I'd complete my degree off faster but ah man
  7. since i changed to eng i've had to change majors for my science and it's gone all kinda [bleep]ed up on my timetable. i guess there's no point in taking a pharma/biochem/micro now so I'm going for chem. second sem I've got an easy courseload (18cp) and so I'll probably take german. just so long as my timetable is decent, I'm happy.
  8. hey i found those papers unbelievably. was cleaning out all my old shit from last year notebooks et al and i found it. hi-lar-i-ous also yeah, you can drink and be near a computer, i do it sometimes-- drunk posting and all, you people wouldnt realize it yep
  9. i_love_burritos


    singles awareness day (february 14th) whatcha'lldo? for the cooing lovebirds, same applies as per me; nothing
  10. oh you kids it's smoking that makes you cool (credentials: was once your age) fang your friends a pack of reds reasons to disregard my advice, see; credentials
  11. (i know it as) borderlands song 7.5/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rleFAS_B04
  12. now that i'm back home america blows SUCK IT USA
  13. on the topic of alcohol it can turn even the most sensible and restrained men into rabid chimpanzees with personality disorders this is why most of the time i become one of those "barstool drunks" that kinda just sits there very thoughtful and brooding like just so I don't embarrass myself. I have my reasons, it works well for me
  14. What are you, high? Did you even read his post? His point was that we force certain beliefs and practices on our children, because we believe they're for the best. Religion is no different. What would you do if your child decided he didn't want to learn English? Would you tell him it was okay, and that he didn't have to? I doubt it. Teaching someone to read a language that will help you every day of your life is not on the same level as making them learn about your religion. God damnit you guys. How often did you hear this at the elementary level: "Now students, when you go home to do your multiplication tables tonight, make sure you question the fundamental elements of mathematics and why 3x5=15. The same applies for your analysis of Gertrude Chandler Warner's The Boxcar Children." Never. Ever. That is because children have not developed the cognitive abilities to do so and you must know the rules before you can appropriately break them as you see fit. As a child you may be taught to question the teaching abilities or methods of your teacher as I was, but you do not question the basics of English or Math skills. That is my point. I'm not commenting whatsoever on the repercussions of being convinced that God is real for your entire childhood. Yes but your argument is bullshit because (most) christians and sensible people would agree 3x5=15 but only christians would regard jesus as the son of god etc etc the main fact and difference being muslims,hindus,buddhists, are all taught 3x5=15 and are not told about jesus. secondly i dont think anyone has the cognitive capabilities to break the rule or falsify that 3x5=15 or that c comes after b and b after a.
  15. uni doesnt start for another 2,3 weeks [bleep]yeah
  16. what the [bleep] wouldn't think you being a uni student and a historian would say this the biggest difference being american history (and the english language) has been exhaustively documented, discussed and covered -- and is pretty much asserted and based in fact whilst the other party is spinning fictions And the bible hasn't been exhaustively documented, discussed and covered? Also, as a history student you should know that much of what is taught as historical fact is certainly up in the air - and it's generally accepted that there are large gaps in our knowledge of history and much of what is being taught could be misleading and incorrect. yes the main difference being the three rs are essential to everyday life and knowing the life and teachings of the man known as jesus of Nazareth are not and secondly, no. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_United_States I doubt there is that much of a wiggle when it comes down to the facts. dont say that
  17. what the [bleep] wouldn't think you being a uni student and a historian would say this the biggest difference being american history (and the english language) has been exhaustively documented, discussed and covered -- and is pretty much asserted and based in fact whilst the other party is spinning fictions
  18. in regards to that coke thing a few pages back, the last time i did it was end of semester a few days before my stats final (which had a 65% weighting). i ended up writing an 8 page essay on my life and how i had gotten up to this point what I'd do different to change etc etc etc. also another 6 pages on a full study regime I would conduct in preparation for this exam, the mindset I would take, consequences and hour by hour packet by packet breakdown of how I would conquer it. I still have it somewhere I think. it was hilarious in retrospect i ended up getting very little sleep and a credit. also it turned out that I had an extra day to study since the exam was on a wednesday-- not a tuesday as I had previously thought. and on the third day I rested
  19. the best christian was jesus christ and he was a jew
  20. i'd rather drink a gallon of sink cleaner than listen to nicki minaj or look at her. shitty music. i think my ire stems somewhat from when a stupid leb told me verbatim "nicki minaj is sick bro".
  21. [bleep] I was wrecked. lol yeah i went out with a few friends last night. [bleep]heads didn't get as drunk as me and kept talking bs (who they've [bleep]ed and what "[bleep]es" they're chasing after, I cannot make this stuff up) while I was trying to pass out. consequently no sleep last night. need to go into uni on monday need to fix up a few things such shitty weather in sydney. good god, make it shine
  22. (re) reading "collapse" by jared diamond. brilliant man, brilliant author, highly recommend all his works. one of my favourites. I've only read his "guns germs and steel" should get around to reading a few more. \ (re) reading The Plague by Camus - a book I think everyone should read. the diatribes he constructs on human nature, existentialism, nihlism etc etc -- in the stranger, however compelling aren't really as easily skimmed off the top, you'll have to read it more intently to get anything of value out of it. some of you who have read it might not agree with me but eh. along side this; Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene, hefty volume. Getting through it, good so far. On the list, Genome by Matt Ridley, caught my eye in the bookstore since I enjoy reading science nonfiction and etc biology in particular. has gotten many good reviews. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Konrad, a classic (which I have somehow managed to avoid reading all this time)
  23. back in aus. love it. [hide][/hide] *edit: [bleep] --* murrica @eggs, i was at a place 10 minute drive from there (cedar rapids) for several weeks.
  24. WTF? Yup. Hah, don't sweat it. In and around Sydney I've only seen it a couple of times and (I'll get to this part later), but unless you're a crackhead/ or a meth-head you really ought not to worry. Friend lives very close to newie uni and the reasons why they're doing this is because there's a growing meth problem there. So yeah if you are stopped and haven't hit the methpipe in the past 3 days or smoked a blunt 40 minutes ago you're A-OK. You'd be stupid to drive given you're high and that comes down to your own sensibilities. But yeah, if you haven't had the ganja for the past 2-3 hours (afaik), there's very very very slim chance that your saliva will test positive. TBH wherever I've seen it in Sydney was south, southwest of the [bleep]ing shire. So I'm way off there. :thumbup:
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