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Some corrections...




First, you cannot drop and pick up another sigil from Garkor as suggested in the guide. You would have to do that in the cavern, but doing so would be pointless on the first try, since you'd have to do it anyway if you lost the fight. If you had trouble and lost the first fight, you might want to drop and pick up more when you eventually had to go back to Waymottin.








Second, the final fight suggestion to run to the eastern bridge is a bad one. It should be the western bridge. Running to the east (as I did) takes the Jungle Demon away from the 10th Squadron. Running to the west, crossing the bridge, then heading a little south will allow the squad to do more damage, since they wander about more in that area. When the red bar gets low, simply switch on run, activate prayer, then right-click attack on the demon and your character will run north to a spot which will allow you to range or mage from melee safety (but not magic safety).

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sorry, the sigil bit was changed in tips but not in the text. It's been fixed.




Also added our Brand New Ape Atoll map. (Sorry we didn't have it there soon enough for you, lol.)




The tip - I did my best with it. At this date it's hard to change combat info, because the techniques have to work for EVERYONE. Usually those get nailed down from the tons of posts that occur when a quest is released.




I adjusted it from "You can try running east over the bridge and let the gnomes" to "Some players run over the bridges and let the gnomes". I hope this will do.






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