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Going to go P2P again, advice please!

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Hi all,




I'm writing under an assumed name here, but my real RS2 username is orc_leader1. CB lvl91, toatl lvl 1191, with 131 Quest Points. I was a member until about three years ago, but then I got muted and let my subscription drop. I created a secondary account, Wyte Rhyno, which I have been using since then. But recently, Wyte Rhyno got muted too, so I'm going back to orc_leader1. I just wanted some advice about getting going again in P2P, so I'll just provide you with a little bit of information.




Items currently:


Full Rune Armour w/Rune Scimitar


About 150 lobsters


50k gp






74 Attack


78 Strength


70 Defence


74 Magic


70 Range


76 Hitpoints


47 Prayer


58 Cooking


65 Woodcutting


51 Fletching


56 Fishing


50 Firemaking


50 Crafting


50 Smithing


55 Mining


45 Herblore


51 Agility


53 Theiving


51 Slayer


40 Runecrafting


All other skills essentialy nothing.




Done Legends, Heroes, halfway on Desert Treasure




So, any advice on how to make a lot of $$, what items I should buy at first, and other tips would be very welcome.










Wyte Rhyno

F2P Forever--Members have way too much time on their hands.

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but if you dont want to waste time id do wc i didnt notice but if you can do yews do them they make great money, i would suggest gnome stronghold.




other wise i would sugest like slayer






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