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I had this same problem a few days ago.




On Tip.it front page, at the top, there are links to the two newest "Runescape News' and the two newest "Community News".


A week or so ago, I saw in the community news, it displayed two rather old topics, one of which was, as said by Delta, was about the "Moderator Trainee promotion". Unfortunately, this happened between January and June 2008 which was erased during the Tip.it crash, so instead of linking to the "Moderator trainee promotion" topic, it linked to where the link would be, which was some topic about someone wanting to learn to DK.


I believe this has been fixed since then however, and looking at it now, the two topics in community news are "Contest Winners - March 2009!" and "Jagex reaches out to Tip.It". I'm not entirely sure why yours still shows it messed up.


You could try doing a hard refresh with "Ctrl + F5" to force it to reload everything. This might fix the problem.



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The RS News and Community News links on the front page are unfortunately not controlled by the Crew. They are run by the server, and so when things are a little twitchy on the server, there's nothing we can do but wait for it to be straightened out. And then the News straightens itself out.




Thanks for letting us know, and sorry for the inconvenience.


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