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Never mind I fixed it. Lock or w/e


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[hide=Old problem that's fixed]:wall: Well this is related to my other thread, but this is what happened when I followed the instruction of someone on ROSF.




What he said to do:


-Firstly, import all your favourites into Internet Explorer.


-Note down any add-ons/themes that you have.




Then uninstall Firefox and Java.




Then go to start> run> type "%appdata%" (without the speechmarks).




Delete the folder labelled "sun" and the folder labelled "mozilla".




Please note, when you delete the "mozilla" folder, you WILL be deleting ALL your favourites that are stored on firefox. All your add-ons and themes will need to be reinstalled. Your internet Explorer favourites will be fine.








1) Go to your hard-disk (Normally just type C:\ into run and click ok)




2) Then open the "program folder". (You may be prompted that the files are hidden, simply click "Show the contents of this folder".




3) Then delete the folder entitled "Java". Additionally, delete the folder entitled "Mozilla Firefox".








4) Then, go to hard-disk again, then access the folder entitled "Windows". Then click "Downloaded Program Files". (DO NOT DELETE THIS FOLDER). Just open it.




5) Remove all instances of java that are INSIDE the folder. I repeat, do not delete the folder itself.




6) Go back to your hard disk folder, then go into the Windows folder, delete any folder labelled:






7) Also, in your hard disk folder, go back into the Windows folder, delete the folder labelled:






8) Empty your recycle bin by right clicking it and selecting the corresponding option.




Restart your computer and do a clean installation of Firefox and then install java.




Well all that only made things worse :(.






I try to reinstall Java, and it says: "This program has already been installed. Would you like to reinstall it? Yes/No


I choose 'Yes'.


It says: Configuring Java in the dialog.


Then it says: This program has already been installed. Would you like to reinstall it? Yes/No.


I think wtf :?:? then click 'Yes'.


The Yes/No dialog box does not close, then it brings up: Configuring Java, and then it crashes.




When I try to access Java in the control panel I got this message: "Cannot find 'C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_13\bin\javacpl[Caution: Executable File]'.




When I go to Control panel>Add/Remove programs, then click "remove" it starts a progress bar, then says "Fatal error has stopped installation" then it takes me back to Add/Remove programs.




So I think "there is some stuff in the registry that's giving me grief" so I search for "Java" in the registry, and delete anything that is not obviously part of windows or another program like Quicktime, Netscape etc...




When I try to reinstall it, or remove it with Add/Remove programs I see nothing has changed, same errors as before accept for when I try to use the Java control panel now I get: "The system cannot find the registry key specified: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Javasoft\Java Run Time Environment\1.6.0_13"




Well I tried installing an older version of Java, but it ignores that its even there after I installed it.




I have searched Google, and found a program that Google recommends, but I'm worried it might be loaded with Trogens. Do you think its worth trying, after all Google recommends it (what ever that means)?http://www.errorfix.com/indexd.php?k=SmF2YSBGaXggRG93bmxvYWQh&sl=SmF2YSBVcGRhdGUgYW5kIEVycm9yIFJlcGFpciBUb29s[/hide]




I copied all the Java files from another computer, then put them on mine, and it fixed the problem.




This thread can be locked or w/e

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May I have the QFC of the thread so I can go and get that guy straight? He obviously doesn't know what he's doing.




As for you, I would try running a registry clean with CCleaner (and the normal clean too), then go to add/remove programs to check if they're there. Try to uninstall them from there if you need to uninstall something.

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Alright I have tried Ccleaner, and wile it did remove some unused stuff it did not find or fix the problem.




I even tried to use the remove program option in Ccleaner, but all that did was open windows uninstall which is the same fail program that 'Add or Remove programs', uses.




Oh well I tried Error fix, and I found out you have to pay to use the full version. Not a Problem though because I manually fixed what things it says where wrong :lol:.


That did not help either I still have this ghost program that I can't uninstall, or reinstall over :cry:.




I've run searches looking for anything with the word "Java" in it and found nothing useful.




The only thing I can think to do now is give up, I failed. :(

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