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Att/Coll level ups worth it?

Guest LordGwent

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I am, or atleast I would like to think a rather good Barb Assault player. I have mastered defender and healer rolls and have the whole outfit. Now I fancy doing a bit of attacking and colling away from my usual healing and defending I was wondering If the level ups in these roles are worth it?




Thanks very much for your help. And also thought it doesnt really belong here, can anyone recommend a good BA clan?

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Don't worry, it belongs here. I don't play a whole lot of Barbarian Assault, but when I did, I found the level-ups worth it. If you enjoy the game, why not max out each role? It'll give you more things to do.

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Considering no barbarian assault item is "worth" the time it takes to earn them, and the rewards for gambling are trash, no. However if you enjoy the game like me, then master them for the satisfaction of knowing you are the best possible barbarian assault player.


Attacker of course helps you do more damage, while collector is honestly useless; if your team is taking so long that the cannon and your inventory is full, and no one is firing the cannon, it's time to find yourself a new team.


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