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Barbarian assault


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My first rant ever ::'




Most of us have been in barbarian assault to obtain the famous fighter torso, and/or penance glove or just high staking, hoping for d chain.


I love this minigame, i have the gloves and torso and im level 5 in everything. The game is very enjoyable if you manage to get into a good team or make one, but if someone unexperienced comes, then the game will turn horrible.


You are yelling for a role and someone picks you up. You look your teammates; most are around 80-100, but then there`s this level 40 player, who is the reason why im typing this.


Not only are they weak and die easily, but most of them doesent even know what to do! They just sit around, not calling, or doing anything and when everyone starts shouting at him, he leaves or asks what to do.




Why do they play it, if they dont know anything about it?






Now i got it out of me...

"An Amateur practices until he can get it right. A Professional practices until he can't get it wrong."


Quests just keep bringing me back to this game.

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I'm wondering why you made two threads.




I've read the rules to Barbarian Assault many times, but I just can't get a grasp on the game. I'm that guy who unwittingly ruined your game, only I'm a 117 rather than a 40. :oops:


Fortunately, I've only tried twice, so there's a minimal number of victims.

I love to meet people; send me a pm if you see me on RuneScape! :)

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