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  1. You gave us reasons that are down to ones own preferences and then you ask why we would continue to play.
  2. How I understood it: Ourgs are a refined forms of ogres, being stronger and more intelligent. That new Graardor model suits that description pretty nicely.
  3. "He was only having some fun, you idiots take this game too seriously." :wall:
  4. i looked around on the forums and they all need 70+ dung or sumshit what if you don't have that yet? solo till you get to that point? i mean wtf I have only soloed or played with my brother and I have 82 DG.
  5. In case anyone wonders, the darkness special hits lots of damage (around 500) and can only be avoided by making you character face a wall and having your screen face away from Vanstrom.
  6. I did it with torag armour while praying magic protect and had no problem with him. Ganodermic does however help a lot if you get hit by Vanstroms specials. You might want to bring terrorbird or other energy restoring items. If you need it or not depends entirely how much Vanstrom is going to use his special attacks (namely the blood bombs). Remember to orient your screen to face away from him at all times.
  7. it's ok...I've been stuck on this quest for over six months now and cannot get past it...I give up...will cancel my membership You were given 3 good guides for that quest and then you just go "I give up." I don't really understand what your problem with the quest is.
  8. If you wish to do barrows, complete ritual of the Mahjarrat quest. It unlocks seventh barrows brother.
  9. If you leave monsters in the room before the boss room, the boss music won't play. Pretty sure that's the reason.
  10. Getting to Jad has never been a problem. Trouble arrives with the healers for me. I'm never fast enough to pray against Jad and attack them at the same time and I just panic. Should I kill the healers or just make them attack me?
  11. The best part is how predictable their timing is. As soon as I enter G.E. or some other high-population area, it takes around 5 minutes for me to receive 3-5 posts in a row. Every day. Every time.
  12. Though I don't like bots, Disrupting their activities is great fun for me.
  13. Well... That's a lot to digest. Certainly some very good incentives for me to continue. Thanks for all the replies! :thumbup:
  14. I am back. And I see stuff has changed since I last visited. So now I am asking for a brief summary (or a complete one, I love those!) of the changes that have happened since april of last year. And since I am already here, someone please tell me what is a good way to train my crafting level, which is 71.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31g0YE61PLQ
  16. Implying that everyone mines for days in a row. It doesn't matter if it takes you a week or a decade, you're still going to mine several 10000 ores. It does matter because there's no need to bot if you don't get bored.
  17. I've had that problem before. Not that I pretend to be a girl in the ga... ...Shut up...
  18. Everyone just wants to feel better than you by telling you how inefficient you are and where you should be training. Before you all get excited, I am not talking about people who have replied to this topic.
  19. Time to raise this thread from its grave. So I was just checking upon Runescape this one day with mah usual casual equipments on (members objects). A level 3 comes to me. LVL3: What armour is that. Me: *tell what each piece of equipment is* LVL3: Where you get it. Me: From members server. *Before I can get to details, he gets excited.* LVL3: Omg hacker you cant take member stuff to free world. Give me money or i report you. Me: I'll give you stuff if you can catch me. *Tele* If I hadn't been in a hurry, I would had probably played along for a while.
  20. Just gonna point out that thru is an informal, simplified spelling of the word through. Drive-thru is one example of its usage.
  21. Dungeoneering. All activities. All bosses. Merching/flipping. It's not that easy bro. A dungeoneering guide is useless There are no worthwhile activities Bosses-click attack, pray whatever, drink prayer pots/eat food, wait for spawn Merching/flipping-buy items, sell for a higher price http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztVMib1T4T4 Maybe you learned everything about dungeoneering by yourself, but that doesn't mean that everyone else did.
  22. Long-time player with no offenses = good choice for p mod.
  23. Saunamajuri


    What guide/guides were you using? I'm asking because every guide I have ever used did tell that if Nomad can't attack you for 5 seconds, he will teleport and restore his health.
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