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Making a high level pker: range/melee


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Right, as the topic says. I'm quite new at this and not sure what stats should I go for, so I'm looking for advice. My intention is to make the pker have prayer, high melee stats and range. Any advice is appreciated. Oh and the pker's going to be around lvl 70-80, so I'm willing to put a considerable amount of time into this.






Thanks ;)




edit: forgot to mention that he'll be p2p

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Hello :)




50 Attack/60 Attack (Claws Maybe)


80-90 Strength


Defence, i'd get 45 if UNTRADEABLES become pick up able again like old wildy, if not stay 1, wait for new BH.


Magic, 85 or 94. Veng vs Barrage vs TB + Entangle.


Range should be 90, MSB to claws rips, wish I had claws :[




Gl, I see by you're main you're no noob, and STICK TO IT. 1st things 1st, make a good 5M bank :)



Current goal: Legends, Regicide, Roving Elf's, Barrows RFD, 95+ Attack.

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