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Update for Summoning Guide

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There's also the well at the end of the underground pass.


It should be noted you can't use the scrolls near the summoning obelisks either (this is a pain in the backside if your running pouches to trade in via rings of dueling).


  • Dragon Axe x11
    Berserker Ring x9
    Warrior Ring x8
    Dragon Med
    Dragon Boots x4 - all less then 30 kc
    Godsword Shard (bandos)
    Granite Maul x 3

Solo only - doesn't include barrows[/hide][hide=Stats]


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Thank both of you for these notes; they've been added and you've both been credited. :)





The light at the end of the tunnel is the demon-infested lava pit.


blue = sad

hoo = who

loo = 100

vo = broken ice cream cone = sad children = sad babies = dead babies


bluehooloovo = sadwho100deadbabies = Who is sad about 100 dead babies?


I've cracked the code!

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