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Troll general

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140 HP, not 149. Also, the name is "Troll general" with a lowercase g, not a capital G.












I notice some monsters which I'd previously corrected are now incorrect and needing re-correction... I know this seems like an odd request but please use my Monster Examine Guide before submitting HP corrections from other players. I take incredible insanity in making sure it is 100% accurate.

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Our rule is to confirm any user submitted HP information with a lunar examine, so we are not changing HPs willy-nilly.




I see you have submitted several corrections - please assume that nobody is in there mucking these up, and let's work together to get them corrected.




I'm wondering if there's another Troll general with different HP, actually .... in the meantime, the record you linked now shows 140.




Thanks for your continued participation, it's appreciated.


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