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getting drop potential... Not 26k trick


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Hi, well ever since pvp came out the way i got potential was just by sitting somewhere in wilderness with 75k for an hour. I'm kinda bored of that and wanted to know what i can do to get drop potential. i already know that casting air strike and using fun weapons don't work but weapons do work? I was also curious , is my drop going to better if i hit high on my opponent. O and one more question :P if my opponent runs in bank and i run in bank and kill them does that make drop any better? Thanks.

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Right now im mining iron in rimmington and selling to G store, i was choping willows south of rimmington and fming them




I havent tried it but if you get full rune+bronze 2h or bronze baxe




or full rune+ longbow on longrange


or crossbow on long range





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4 BETTER alternatives to flesh crawlers[/hide]





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Why not train slayer at slayer tower? Just be careful of pkers. Some of them actually do an occasional patrol there.




(I've actually done a few scans there sometimes too LOL. But it's very empty and I'm sure if your cautious, you can tele before you see the white dot teleblocking you.)



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You have to be VERY careful at the slayer tower, PKers are thick there.




Why would you fight someone? Standing in the wild or skilling is your best option.


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