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Well, what else are you planning on using your 28 inventory slots on? Dont use energy potions. I would use a few terrorbirds, some scrolls, a summoning potion, and the rest as food. I'm sure that Bunyips are also decent if you use energy potions.




Ehh, anyway, you dont have anything else to use the spots with, so, food it is.


You will get hurt :P




I dont think you take less damage the lower your health is. That's giving Pure skillers basically, a way to get 99 agility on just a few lobsters :| /exaggeration.

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Wilderness course would be better exp at your level.




Well, it's very dependant, and inventories vary every 3 or so levels of your character.




Aren't there rev's around there? :|




Most of the time they just 'pop up' out of nowhere, but it isnt often... Hopping can be a bother. But with no Revs there when you hop, one can easily just come very quickly.


PvP worlds are sometimes packed, depending on the times (I've seen some people there just walking around) so you might just get killed by a player. No real way to run then..

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wildy course or brimhaven is your best bet since ape atol is only usefull after 65-70+ agility. if you are afread of revs, just go brimhaven, but wildy is better xp..




Ok thanks about the food thing, but don't I take less damage the lower my health, so is there a certain level of HP I should stick around to?


you do indeed get less hits when ur hp is lower... normally the max hit will be around 8 and will decrease till 3-4 (depends of course) so i would fill my inventory with cakes and eat when my hp falls below 5. thats best way to get the most xp with less food



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As other's have said, The wilderness agility course would probably be better for your level, as for revs, i haven't really see much around there anyways, but goodluck on getting your goal :thumbsup:


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