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Aviansie's Tanking


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Well to do this you need either alot of money or you need a very high Def level. You have to wear armour that gives a decent Ranged Def Bonus or your Def level needs to be high enough to not get hit that often. Don't wear Barrows Armour and having a DFS would help a great deal with your Def. But to give you any further help we need to know your Levels and how much money you have.




EDIT: Okay so your Defense level isn't that high but its okay. I will give you two setups, one chea and the other expencive.




Armadyl Helm > Granite Helm


Armadyl Chestplate > Zamorak Blessed D'hide


Armadyl Skirt/Legs > Dragon Legs


Ranged Boots > Snakeskin Boots


DFS/unholy Book > Granite Shield


Barrows Gloves


Archers Ring


Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory




Rune Crossbow


15k Broad Bolts


300 Bones to Peaches Tabs


Staff of Fire


200 Nature Runes




The more expencive option has +201 Ranged Defense Bonus and +186 Ranged Attack Bonues, the cheaper option has +240 Ranged Defense Bonus but only +121 Ranged attack Bonus. Still i would go with the second option as its cheaper and its going to make you last much longer.



**Thanks to Boo_Boy666 for my amazing Singnature**

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