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What does this mean?


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This was in today's Runescape update (dated May 6, 2009)




After the info about the Wilderness PVP world, in the 'other news' this is the following paragraph.






Similar to the changes we made to the way PvP worlds work to prevent people from using fun weapons or low-level spells, we have updated the system to detect other ways of fighting without taking any risks. Now, if you see anyone in single-way combat who is fighting without taking any apparent damage over an extended period of time, you can jump in and teach them how fighting works.


end Quote.




So does this mean.. that if i see someone standing outside the cow pasture.. killing cows inside the pasture, with range or mage.. that my character can go beat them up after "an extended period of time"?




What do they mean by single-way combat? Is it only Melee that they mean? Or all Combat?




And is this change only in the Wilderness? And only on those PVP worlds? OR is it globally?




That paragraph confuses me.. anyone know what it means?

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I see it as only to those who are trying to get potential by using brozne weapons and rune armour. Using daggers or bolts just in a hot zone so they hit 0's but don't get attacked. Now they can get attacked.




And i believe that you can attack the guy any way as he's not in combat with the cow directly.

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On a PVP world, people were using very low damage weapons to hit each other to gain drop potential while not risking being attacked by others.




Now you can attack them after a certain amount of time.




This is only on PVP worlds.




And for quotes do this:




[quote]Your quote here.[/quote]




Your quote here.

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