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"Want to make money"?


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Hi, if you want to make money just add [name edited out - mrmyk] to ur friends list. I am a lvl 55 but i have other higher lvl characters. I am not asking for passes or anything, but i can get you serious gp. Like how to turn 70k into 300k in an hr and all that stuff. I well help you on anything in the game. Again my username is [name edited out - mrmyk] and I am also creating a merchanting/combat clan for everyone. \' If you need help on all lvls i have methods for making serious gp. I also give away money to new players and help them get started. I really love this game and want to help everyone that I can. :^o . I am not lying :lol: So talk to me and I also gove quest help. Mostly free depending on the quest. So what are you waiting for, i am also looking for a cool name for my clan. The winner gets a free 10k and auto general whatever level u are. if you have good methods, I am open to anyones comments and will allow all to talk in chat, unlike other clans and mercherz I am here for you. I will also give you proff that I am merchanting the same things you are and that I am not trying to waste ur money. Good luck in Rs.[stats][/stats]

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