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  1. Good job, Asc. Not much we could do. :thumbup:
  2. We have a unit of retireds/community members who have been viewing and posting on the boards for 3-5 years without playing Runescape. I'd imagine a lot of clan members would fade away but those who are stuck in the community, not the game, would be able to continue, at least until they get bored of college football and posting discussions/videos.
  3. Pleasantly surprised to see we won two awards. Congratulations everyone! :thumbup:
  4. Must've missed this. I'd imagine most awards will be grabbed by a few clans, sadly, but hopefully there are some positive surprises. :thumbup:
  5. When Round 1's pairings were released, one fight stuck out to any Gladiator: Gladz vs BK. Our last fullout fight with BK was in '05, so we also went one step further and organised a fullout war alongside our scheduled 20 vs 20 fight. BK have always been a tough nut to crack, and despite any problems that arose for them within the past week, we never took victory for granted. Starting: Gladz: 20 (cut from 46) BK: 20 (cut from ~21) Summary: After waiting 30 minutes because of BK's TS being DDoS'ed, we finally began. Gladz members tanked; BK members were KO'ed. We gained 3 kills before their first pile was dropped. To be brief: we came, we saw, we conquerred. Gladz ended with 17 fighters remaining. Ending: Gladz: 17 BK: 0 Thanks for the fight, BK. It's a shame you backed out of the fullout afterwards. Maybe next time?
  6. PvP - CWA may be enjoyable but the amount of variety in PvP is far more appealing. Back in the CWA era, all we did was melee & binds. The opportunity for PK'ing in both F2P/P2P, deep/low Wilderness etc. make it very appealing.
  7. Lots of old names have been mentioned. Brings back memories. I'm not sure if I remember you, but it's nice to see you're back on Tip.it. :thumbup:
  8. My reading of this update is that it will only soak hits when they are above 200. Which is incredibly unlikely unless you're sniping with a corrupt weapon. It won't affect F2P. It is an extremely needed update for P2P. Therefore, good update!
  9. I'll try to paraphrase what I said on RSC: Fluctuating numbers on TS let us down. Caught up to you, but let it go away. Good job. :thumbup:
  10. mrmyk

    MB Era

    AG = Aggression As far as I'm aware, MB'ing wasn't particularly important at that time. AG made things more competitive after that point.
  11. mrmyk


    I don't try to do anything special when revising. I just repeat, repeat, repeat. If you have 2 weeks to prepare, go through it once or twice everyday, gradually removing yourself from the paper. It shouldn't be too difficult and will gradually stick.
  12. Welcome back. That's a hefty amount that you've raised for charity. Great to see.
  13. mrmyk

    MB Era

    I don't think we MB PK'ed as a clan, but lots of groups went out. Ewhenn was Gladz for quite a while before joining DI.
  14. Dazuz, you're embarassing yourself. My point was fair: Why should T0 seek to embarrass THE for an entire topic? Why not enjoy your victory? If your only response to that is to make ungrounded claims against my clan - I don't remember ever being accused of mass-sniping except in 20 vs 20 CWA matched option wars - then that's a poor reflection of self. Gladz were not involved in this fight and do not wish to be involved in this fight. Once again, congratulations on winning the war. Now go enjoy yourselves.
  15. You won. Be happy. If you wished to warn others about the notorious mass sniping of THE, you didn't need to dedicate your topic to hurting THE. A simple mention would have sufficed. If anything, it's slightly worrying that your pile was weakened so severely by their mass sniping. Surely every T0 member was tanking to full prayer/food and, as you say, you were 1-hitting THE members. The scores shouldn't have been so close. Looks like a re-match is in order. :thumbup:
  16. It's usually in the evening so I watch a bit of TV, eat dinner and grab a shower. Log on at massing time, chill with clan mates and win the war. :shades:
  17. If you could Turn back time in the clan world, When would you have wanted to be present within your clan? 2004, 2005, 2006 - We had big events in RSC as well, but those years were massive for Gladz. What were the events surrounding that point in your clans life? 2004 - Gladz vs ZF rivalry. 2005 - Gladz vs BK. 2006 - Gladz vs DS. Why does that moment stand out for you the most? They were monumental events in the clan world. Beating DS is one of the things we're most known for. Our rivalry with ZF - from reading old topics - looked absolutely amazing, and Gladz vs BK is obviously something for the history books.
  18. I don't think most RSD members count it as that old, even though the original RSD was that old, because you did close before.
  19. Prime exception to that: Gladz :wall:
  20. It was interesting when we were 14-16 down at the beginning, but we really turned it around with a few KO's. I tanked but you guys got off me after I tanked for a few kills. Thanks for the fight.
  21. Someone made the best thread about this on Gladz boards (private, sorry). Let's just say that we're about to record the best ever Runescape movie that isn't meant for minors. :shades:
  22. I'm not sure how long we were PK'ing before the fight started, but I heard it was a while. I came back from putting my laundry on and they ended right before I had to go start the tumble dryer, so it was a productive evening for everyone. :shades:
  23. Thanks for the fight. After the first few piles the numbers became too much for us, so it was essentially time to mess around. Can't pull that much at 4EST on weekdays. :wall:
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