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[hide=About Me]Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. My name is Mike and I'm 18 years old. Recently graduated high school, and am currently going to college to eventually be a doctor. I'm in the clan Eternal Honour. I was never too good at online about me's so if there's anything else you'd like to know feel free to PM me or message me on MSN at [email protected].[/hide]




[hide=Current Stats]Freakinapie.png[/hide]





Skills Under 70


Farming: 70/70


Summoning: 57/70




Skills Under 80


Runecrafting: 78/80


Construction: 72/80


Agility: 72/80


Herblore: 73/80


Thieving: 71/80


Crafting: 76/80


Slayer: 77/80


Hunter 72/80


Smithing: 74/80


Firemaking: 80/80




Skills Under 90


Range: 84/90


Prayer: 82/90


Magic: 89/90


Fletching: 88/90


Mining: 86/90


Fishing: 85/90


Cooking: 87/90


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