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  1. You have a long name.

  2. Tif name: sheep455_is_the_best Runescape Name: Sheep455 Picture: Url: http://i42.tinypic.com/qvza.png
  3. Shouldn't leave it in that long. You miss out on a lot of nests, you have exactly 999, which is the max..
  4. Delete the part before runescape.com in the link.
  5. I've been enjoying the Temple Trekking minigame for a long time now. I just wanted to show you guys my collection of Lumberjack items after getting all of the characters to level 99 and unlocking all of the rewards. Yes, that is 152 Lumberjack items. Most of them are from before the update. I think I might have the biggest collection in RuneScape, if anyone knows of someone with more pieces, I'd love to know. Thank you for viewing and/or commenting!
  6. Routers usually have a web-interface, try connecting to that and look for an option to release/renew DHCP. That works for me, anyway.
  7. Check if your harddrive has both power and data cables properly plugged in. If that doesn't change anything, check the harddrive in another computer, it might be dead.
  8. Hi people I'm looking at training Herblore and getting Overloads, I'm 85 Herblore now. In the end, I'd like 96 Herblore and a nice amount of potions to use. I'm not looking for the cheapest way, I have money to spend. I have the Scroll of cleansing. Which potions should I make and how many of each? Thanks
  9. Check the motherboard manual for what the LEDs are for. I know MSI has used LEDs for showing active powerphases, so if it freezes with all of them on, it might be a power problem. The LEDs might be error messages, check in the manual. You should also check the motherboard manual to figure out if the motherboard uses IntelHD audio or the AC'97. I would suppose it uses IntelHD, as it is a newer standards and most motherboads support it. If none of these tips work, check the RAM-sticks one by one (assuming it is more than 1 stick), in the different slots. One or more might be dead. If you feel like it, you can download Prime95 to test the RAM (or the CPU, if you want). It is a program designed to stress the components and check for errors in calculation.
  10. The coordinate clue at the sleeping troll has changed location and coordinates.
  11. It is not hard to setup, it is just installing two cards instead of one, and connecting them with a SLI-bridge (which comes with your motherboard), but I would only suggest it as an upgrade possibility. A single GTX 460 shouldn't have problems with medium-high gaming. Setting up two of them in SLI would not mean 200% (aka double the power), but they scale exceptionally well (I believe in the region of 180-190%). Still, I would only recommend it as an upgrade option in the future, I would just buy a single card first and later upgrade with another if needed.
  12. Your build looks quite nice, the processor will work with both the PSU and the RAM, no reason it shouldn't. HDD and SSD: I would get a Vertex 2 SSD instead of the Intel one, the Vertex 2 is a very fast SSD: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227610 The HDD I would get Samsung Spinpoint F3, great drive at a great price: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152185 As OldJoe mentions, you could get a modular PSU, you plug in only what cables you need, making less of a mess inside the case. This PSU is almost the same as you chose, it is just modular: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139010 The rest of the build looks good, the GTX 460 is a great card for the money, and if you ever need more graphics power, they scale VERY good in SLI, which your motherboard supports. It would just be a matter of buying another one, if you ever need it. Remember to use the 8-pin power connector on the motherboard, they cover up 4 of them, this is only for people who only have a 4-pin cable, if you get either the TX or HX PSU, you will have 8-pin, which is better. Have fun :)
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