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  1. Pkmastachaos


    First day of my two weeks paid vacation. I haven't had much time to myself as of late due to the busy season at work (10-13/h days, 5 or 6 days/week), so I'll have finally some time to get things in order. Started the day off by sleeping in a few extra hours, so simple yet so good haha. I'll then get around to booking some checkups (doctor/dentist), make an appointment for upgrading my license, watch a movie or two and go spend some money on upgrading my wardrobe.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkADBG0-OBY Started playing TM4 the other day for fun, always did like this song!
  3. Pkmastachaos


    Happy New Year, wish you all the best in your endeavors for 2012!
  4. Not really looking for any specific dating advice at the moment, but feel free to give me your .02ยข. I've never had much luck with women, unfortunately I always find myself falling into the friend zone at one point or another, and never seem to be anything more then that to the ladies. I'm tired of it, and I want to change that; although I'm not exactly sure of how to do so, especially after my last 'failure'. (See below) There's this new girl at my work. I notice she's having a hard time adjusting to the new job so I decide to introduce myself, which is something I wouldn't normally do right away but rather wait until we bump into one another. After a quick introduction, we make some small talk, I give her a few tips, crack a joke or two, and soon after I take off and left her be. After breaking the ice, I felt like there's was a connection between us, like I had a great opportunity at hand and so I decided to pursue a little further. Fast forward a little bit, over the next two weeks I get to know her pretty well, learn some of her interests, find we have some things in common, all that good stuff. Eventually I decided to man up and ask for her phone number, and add her on Facebook so we could talk outside of work. She gladly gives me her number and accepts my friend request. Great! Felt like nothing could hold me back at that point. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind hahaha.. Yeah, just as things are looking up, here it comes; the downward spiral. Naturally with my luck things aren't destined to go all that well for very long, and sure enough I find myself learning things about her I wish I hadn't. She's a few years younger then I am, but with a very different lifestyle and a lot of baggage. I'm a pretty laid back, down to earth guy while she is the wild party girl that is trying to recover from her past mistakes. I decided to look past most of the things she said, after all nobodies perfect, and offered some advice to get her life back on track. Looking back these were probably the biggest mistakes I made: not running (partially joking), taking a bit too much interest and probably coming across like a condescending parent.. But anyway, two weeks into the job she's settled in pretty well and after a long week I think we could both deserve a break. Friday after work I send her a text asking if she is interesting in a round of drinks, my treat of course. She declines, as I said she is trying to change her lifestyle, and has made plans anyway. Not a big deal, I reply back with a smug joke and tell her to have a good weekend. Realizing I may have said something offensive I eventually catch up with her on Facebook and apologize saying the offer still stands if she was ever interested. A minute or two passes and then she drops the bombshell, "I don't want you getting the wrong idea, I just want to be friends." Boom, head shot. There it is again, 0-3. Being rejected before I'm not too sad about it, in fact looking back even though I didn't get the girl this experience has probably made me a better man, and person overall. I've got a better idea what to do and what not to do when the next girl comes along. So some good definitely came out of all of this but it still kind of sucks. It might make me sound like a selfish ass but I am sick of just being a friend, I think I'll be avoiding her so I don't get any more attached then I already am. Maybe we were too different, maybe she wasn't ready, maybe I made myself too available, even now I'm not 100% sure. Ah well, live and learn. Come Monday I imagine there's going to be some awkward moments, maybe that's why people don't date coworkers. I'm kind of rambling here now so I'm just going to end it here and go to sleep, got some thinking to do.
  5. Feel free to add me: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  6. Caucasian, heterosexual, and agnostic (other in this case). The chart is a nice idea. Although the votes aren't surprising, you tend to figure out where people stand pretty quickly around here.
  7. Not too far into the 'A song of Ice and Fire', but I am really enjoy it so far. Normally I have a pretty easy time remembering characters, but with so many being introduced, and with their nicknames its troublesome to keep track without a list of some sort. Small gripe aside though, I finished watching the first episode last night and was impressed. Can't wait to get further into the book / tv series.
  8. At the moment I'm playing Killzone 3 on veteran. I don't really play much FPS' but this one is pretty damn good. Can't wait to try out the multiplayer once PSN is back up.
  9. Pkmastachaos

    E3 2011

    I just jumped onto the PS3 bandwagon, so hopefully no news of a new console from Sony for at least a few years... On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to anything too much this E3, news on Diablo III would be the only thing that springs to mind.
  10. Finished watching The Prestige, pretty neat film. Might go see Source Code later today which should be fun.
  11. [hide=Questions]1) On average, how many hours do you spend playing games per week? [ ] - 0-5 hours [ x ] - 6-10 hours [ ] - 11-15 hours [ ] - 16-20 hours [ ] - 21-25 hours [ ] - 26+ hours 2) At one time, how long would you continuously play a game that you are enjoying for? [ ] - Less than an hour [ ] - 1-3 hours [ x ] - 4-6 hours [ ] - 7-9 hours [ ] - 10+ hours 3) Which genre of game(s) takes up a majority of your gaming time? [ x ] - MMO [ ] - FPS [ ] - Strategy [ ] - Simulation [ ] - Action Adventure [ ] - Roleplaying 4) In your opinion, which of these is the most important in creating a great gaming experience? [ x ] - Gripping, well told Story [ ] - New and inventive game play mechanics [ ] - Graphics [ ] - Soundtrack [ ] - Final reward (achievements, leaderboards etc..) [ ] - Social interaction (chat / play with friends etc..) 5) Which platform do you play most of your games on? [ x ] - PC [ ] - Xbox 360 [ ] - PlayStation 3 [ ] - Nintendo Wii [ ] - Handhelds (PSP, DS, Gameboy) [ ] - Other (please specify) Please only answer the questions below if you feel comfortable in doing so. 6) Gender? [ x ] - Male [ ] - Female 7) Age? [ ] - 10-15 [ x ] - 16-20 [ ] - 21-25 [ ] - 26-30 [ ] - 30+[/hide]
  12. Thanks for the answer, actually figured it out myself about an hour ago. This can be closed now. Ps. Juju's ftw.
  13. Is it possible to use a skill boost (either through familiars/hunter potions/Oo'glog spa) in order to catch Ingenous Jadinkos? I want to get some Juju potions for farming but lack the hunter level (currently 72, almost 73) but I really dislike training the skill. So if I can just boost temporarily to get marble vines I will. Is it possible, or do I just have to tough it out to 74? I have all the stuff growing in order to attract the Ingenous jadinko's if that matters.
  14. Seems to have been removed, checked a few different worlds and no luck finding him. A lot of the same on the official forums as well.
  15. Purchased Dead Space and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Damn you steam, damn you! <3:
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