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If you have done summers end quest, you can go rescue dude from the rogues castle at high level wilderness by locking the jail in the spirit world.


This dude will then buy your jewelery at minimum G.E price.




Price of gold ammy at minimum - Price of gold ammy(u) - cost of rune for string amulet( 1 set is used per ammy) = Cost per spell




Gp per xp = cost per spell / xp of spell




Yeah its fast and it is like fletching, you will string each ammy automatically every 3 sec for the whole inventory.




so 1.2k casts per hour.




Xp per hour = xp per cast * 1200




Lazy to get the values for you sorry. :D

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its the second fastest way to train ur mage...


the cost is about 344gp/cast so 4.2gp/xp


personaly i prefer bursting rock lobs... it costs a little more, but in return you get summ+hp xp



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all skills 70+ (completed)

all skills 80+

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