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repetivness in the forums.

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Alright sorry if this is not where it belongs, but i was just thinking whenever i come to this forum i see the same thing all the time. People ask, whats the best way to make money, or whats the best thing to alch at my level. I think there should be a spefic thread that says the best way to make money or the best thing to train on at certain stats. It gets a little boring responding to the same question all the time.

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Moved to Forum Updates & Suggestions, since you are commenting on the forum making a suggestion for a new thread (sticky?).




The problem with your idea is that each question is specific to the person asking it so you cannot have any overarching answers. So you cannot have a guide that lists the best way to make money or the best way to train, since it completely depends upon someone's stats, what someone likes or dislikes to do, and whether or not someone is F2P or P2P.




And as someone said, even if you have a guide like the one you are suggesting, most people probably won't read it and will continue posting their questions anyway. People tend to not read stickies, plus they like getting a personal response (which is understandable, given the things I mentioned above).

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That's what the whole Help & Advice section is for..




Yes, maybe people should try searching their question using the search button at the top of the forums. But otherwise, it's what's supposed to happen. Go to a different section if you're tired of answering the same old questions.

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