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Breakout vs Blitzcreed


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Breakout was busily minding their own business, singing in vent and practising our dancing technique..............








When one of us had the bright idea to have a war!



And so we began looking for one when we came across blitzcreed. A very closely matched runehead with similar averages and a very similar past warring record with even pulls to wars. So we DECLARED! With the following rules....



Date: Saturday May 9th, 1:30 PM PST/4:30 PM EST/9:30 PM GMT




-Classic arena, Tree Line Boundary


-Melee and Range allowed


-No Combat Magic, Binds permitted only (No Curse spells)


-No Friends or Allies allowed (includes FA's and Trial Members)


-No Infinite run or Explorer rings


-No Going out of bounds


-No Flaming


-No Corrupted Dragon


-Memberlists lock 48 hours before war



And so the war preparations began with us going under a gruelling training regime by some of the best in the business.....(We even made a special deal with Rocky :P)








And then the day arrived, we were all set, fully equipped and ready to go. It is then when the one and only William Wallace came onto our ventrilo server and gave us a stirring speech to get us ready to go to war!








And the war began with the following ops....








The war quickly wittled down to a 15 vs 15 battle in where throughtout the next 30mins no side was giving much giveway but Breakout always seemed to be at least 1 man up... and then it happened....... Breakout started to have a clear lead up by about 4 members.












The end became clearer and Breakout binded their way to victory!
















It was a pity Blitzcreed had to lower themselves by insulting us at the end but we ignored it and celebrated by dancing to........
























And experience the ultimate in community and warring!




PS. Any Blitzcreed members that wish to provide proof of any rule infractions at this war please pm them to me and i will ensure they are dealt with. I hope that you can show some good sportsmanship and if you do start something, i have quite alot of screenshots of your members breaking the rules by going out of bounds which i have left out. Dont make me put them in this topic ;).

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