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Woodcutting rates slower than i remember..


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Well the last time i cut yews/mages at gnome stronghold was when summoning first came out. Today i thought i'd take a break from fishing and work on fletching as i already have 99 woodcutting and get yews fairly quickly. To my surprise it took me longer than i remembered just to get a full invy(don't know the exact times but have 15M+ xp under my belt, or axe if you will). So i was wondering if anyone noticed this because it really dissapoints me that i spent all that time getting 99 wc and i get swordfish faster at lvl 88 fishing than i get yews at 99 wc.

Disregard females.


Acquire currency.

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About a year or two ago I cut yews for a while for fletching, it seemed like I was getting them at a decent rate for 78 wcing. I hate wcing and still managed to stay there for 4-5k logs. I went to yews the other day to work on getting a few levels and after one inventory I gave up because I was getting them so slowly.




I don't think its changed but back then you weren't really paying as much attention.


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