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Levels for a 1 Defence Pure


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Hi, I didn't feel like figuring this out, but for my 1 defence pure, what skill levels would i need like in all? Basically for all the quests a 1 defence pure should do(Monkey madness, desert treasure, etc.) I made my first pure and it's a member now and I just need some help one what quests. It would also be nice if you could tell me what quests I should do also. Thanks


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if a pure with 60 att, yes, monkey madness, for ancients, obviously DT, its also nice to do the parts of recipe for disaster for either mith or addy gloves, plus quests for whatever other gear you want like anchor or bear helm.




bear helm is mountain daughter, anchor is ...great brain robbery i think.




if your ranging, do animal magnetism for the accumulator.




also, this should be in graveyard help & advice, since your asking about a pure.


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