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f2p pker stat help


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Ok never made a pure or anything so i need to know some good suggested stats for a f2p pker without going above level 90-100 current stats are below. also is prayer even worth getting?Also would help if i knew best spot to train for my stats probably sos huh?any help is welcomed




















D.Drops=Skirt9 Med9 Spear2 Visage2 Legs6 boots35 shield half1 whip15 dbow5



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I guess keep your defence there and get level 70 STR/range. Try to do a range tank sort of thing.


Yeah, do Range/2H. It is quite effective in PKing.


Though the Scimitar/2H combo is great as well.




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so then whats a good attack level?


for f2p max attack needed is 40 for the rune weapons because 50 = granite(p2p) and 60 = dragon(p2p) unless you want to use corrupt dragon weapons then get 60 but i dont believe their worth the money spent

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so far for 100 cb i can be 94 attk 99 str 40 def 89 hp 70 range 43 prayer




Good luck with that build - you will not be getting many kills in BH for a long time, as people will refuse to fight you. Once you do have your 90+str, pk in robes with scim n R2H - at least then you might get some good fights to the death.

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Melee training: Flesh Crawlers (2nd floor of the Stronghold of Security) [aggressive]. Just bring a little over half a bag of food, and leave some room for drops if you want.




Ranged training: Hill Giants. Competition is a tad bit fierce, so memorize the spawn points and have your cursor ready to click.




You could also range Flesh Crawlers, if you have enough arrows to use without having to pick them up.


^ Blog.


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