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More Sigs. C/C!


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So I've been practicing and getting better (hopefully). Made a couple more sigs and need some critique :thumbup:




[hide=]SIG 1:






SIG 2:






SIG 3:






SIG 4:






I've been trying to practice with text because it's really something you need to know how to do and I might as well learn it now. I think the sigs look pretty good (2nd one is the best IMO) but that's why I'm here ::'[/hide]


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imo you're using an odd size... the sigs aren't awful, I just don't think there's enough space to really make an impression. (I would go with 350x110 or more in that range, they seem small because of the height.) They're rather small (or rather they seem small), as sigs go, and they lose my attention quickly.




I would say sig 3 is the worst of the bunch, the lighting is pretty bad. The text is decent though. (I might have put it on the other side)




On #1 the text is particularly bad, you could probably fix it by taking out the white lines in the bg, which are distracting anyway.

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