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Summoning tank, In need of help.


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Hey everyone.




All I need is 185 gold charms, then I can hit 31 summoning and start getting charms at a decent speed.




So my question for all you is.




Can anyone lootshare with me at great charm dropper places etc Mossies, Fire giants and such.




Thank you in advance.

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Mossies and Fire giants aren't even close to great charm droppers. And it seems I have misread your question, I thought you were asking where you should kill stuff. Ask a friend to take you to Rock lobsters (it'll take you a while to not die and get there) but NOBODY is going to give you Summoning xp for free unless they're your friends.

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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Why would you want to be a summoning tank anyway?


2146 overall - 136 combat - 6 skillcapes


Plus I think the whole teenage girl thing will end soon (hopefully), because my girlfriend is absolutely in love with him(she is 18), and im beginning to feel threatened by his [Justin Bieber] dashing looks.

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