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Yuyuhakush13's Slaya Blogness

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Woot!!! I'm doin' slayer constantly for the next, well, forever, lol. After the Runescape Party my friends and I had last night, and the 2 dragon platelegs and plate skirt I got while on my iron dragon task, I figured I would start recording my results. Anywho, I'ma gonna record my tasks, slayer points, slayer xp, and significant drops. Will include screen shots. :thumbsup: Still gettin' used to forums, so forgive any errors of that sort.




[hide=Fave Tasks]Iron Dragons (Look at drops) and Black Dragons. One mill worth of dragon bones in my bank.[/hide]




[hide=Task- Iron Dragons- 76]Drops- Dragon Platelegs x 1, Dragon Plateskirt x 1








[hide=Task- Iron Dragons- 76]Drops- Dragon Platelegs x 1[/hide]




[hide=Task- Goraks- 69]Drops- Bronze dagger (p+), Rune Javelin x 5, Sapphire x 15, Ruby x 7, Diamond x 2, Emerald x 6[/hide]




[hide=Task- Dust Devils- 153]Drops- None of significance. Several Ranarrs and runes. About 50k from Alch's[/hide]




[hide=Task- Black Demons- 151]Drops- 71 crimsons, 19 golds, 5 blues, 16 creens, 300 airs, irit, cadantine, avantoe, 21 bloods, emerald, 5 rune chains, 80 chaos, 12k, 4 addy bars, ranarr, kwuarm, sapphire, 6 laws, ruby, tooth half of key (combined with a loop i had in bank).






[hide=Task-Black Dragons (KBD)- 76]Drops- 6 Addy playes, rune battleaxe, 300 yew logs.


Levels- 71 slayer.[/hide]




[hide=Task- Goraks- 72]Drops- 49 big bones, 20 sapphires, 9 emeralds, 4 rubies, 1 diamond, 5 rune javs.


Levels- 84 defence.[/hide]





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[hide=Iron Dragons] blaah [/hide]


would come out as


[hide=Iron Dragons]blaah[/hide]




nice blog


maybe include some info about slaying technique or favourite tasks?


gratz on the lucky drops :D



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2 dragon drops in 76 iron dragons, lets be mortal enemies k?


Your blog spurred me to do mine, so I think that's appropriate. And, I just got 64 Steel Dragons. *wink wink* I'll postresults later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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