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up-to-date and comprehensive farming guide?


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i've been looking all day for a good farming guide. the ones on the AoW are 2+ years old (and tbh not that good anyway)


i was looking at spaders.. i'm only 49 farming and i see that his is quite flawed with plenty of mistakes.




i know how to do herb runs and plant in allotments (duh) but i've never really done anything else in farming. i'm looking for a guide that tells me in depth how (and how to correctly) plant tress, fruit trees, specials, etc.


basically i want a guide that helps me manage my time farming the best and helps me every step along the way. i'm fine doing herb runs but i know i can be getting alot more exp




can anybody link me to a good guide?




if not, could somebody just spend a little time and give me some tips with trees and such?


i'm looking to plant watermelon with my herb run (gives good exp and supercompostable :thumbup: )


i also want to start doing trees/fruit trees, but i have no idea how to incorporate this with my herb runs

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7. Farming




I actually had started training farming during the summer, before I had even started this goal. Although I had started out doing high level herbs from 77 to 80, I quickly realized that if I was to get 99 farming in a reasonable amount of time, I would have to use trees. However, I do wish I had continued farming snapdragons in addition to trees.




Farming is definitely an underrated skill. Farming all 5 herb patches only takes about 5 minutes, and farming all 11 tree (including tree, fruit tree, and calquat) patches takes about 9 minutes. If you look at the time you actually spend farming, snapdragons give about 40k farming xp per hour and +900k cash per hour, while yews/palms/cal*uats gives about 400k farming xp per hour and -5000k cash per hour. Balancing the two methods to break even would give about 95k farming xp per hour and +0k cash per hour.




So, anyway, I mostly did yews/palms/cal*uats from 80 to about 97 farming, and then switched over to magics/palms/cal*uats. I bought all my seeds gradually over a period of several months, so prices varied! I'd estimate I used about 600 yews (75k to 90k each), 600 palms (75k to 93k each), 100 magics (170k to 200k each), and 100 cal*uats (40k to 50k each), though I did not keep track exactly.




I typically did a tree run once per day at approximately the same time, though every once in a while I missed a day or two. 99 farming cost me about 120M and took 25 hours from when I started training with trees in August, though that 25 hours was, of course, spread out over 5 months.




(Farming summary continued on next page)




The following is the fastest way to farm all the tree patches.




This assumes you have a Spirit Tree planted in the patch at Brimhaven. You can still farm quickly without one, however, since you can use a Charter Ship to get to Brimhaven.




Use Lunar Magic and have your house in Brimhaven.




Set up your bank so you can withdraw everything really fast. That means all those items named below are pretty much in one line.




During the round, drop all empty plant pots and vials, and drink doses of energy potion when needed, while running.




Do not pay the farmers to watch yews. Because only about 1/7 of the trees die, you'd have to spend over 200k in cactus spines to save just one yew seed! For magics, however, it is worth it to pay coconuts (plus you get more xp per hour because you have to do fewer runs), and for palms, it is worth it to pay papayas.




Cash is needed to pay the farmers to chop down the yews or magics (200gp each).




Items needed for one run: 1000gp, mithril axe, rake, spade, 36 astrals, 22 natures, 3 laws, 5 yew/magic saplings, 5 palm saplings, varrock tab, lumbridge tab, falador tab, teleport crystal, magic log, normal log, 75 papaya, (125 coconuts if needed), 3 energy potions; ring of dueling and mud battlestaff worn.




The mud battlestaff can be swapped with an earth battlestaff or lava battlestaff if you carry 10 water runes in your inventory.




About 50 teleport crystals (3) are needed for 99 farming doing tree runs like this.




Feel free to use a Spirit Terrorbird for its Tireless Run special and extra inventory, but it doesn't matter much.




Order: How to get there- Location of patch (Type of tree)




- Tab to Falador- Falador park (Yew)


- Tab to Lumbridge- Behind Lumbridge Castle (Yew)


- Tab to Varrock- Varrock Castle (Yew)


- Dueling ring to Castlewars and Balloon to Taverley- by the gate (Yew)


- Balloon to Gnome Stronghold- by the Agility Course (Palm)


- Run southwest- Gnome stronghold (Yew)






26-Jul-2008 17:32:38


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- Run northeast to Spirit tree- Brimhaven (Palm)


- Spirit tree- Outside Tree Gnome Village (Palm)


- Teleport crystal- Lletya (Palm)


- Catherby teleport- Catherby (Palm) [Also stop in Catherby bank quick to deposit Coconuts and withdraw a Calquat sapling, house tab, and 2 energy pots]


- Tab to house- Tai Bwo Wannai (Calquat)




Times to farm all 11 patches: About 9 minutes on average


Xp gained per run: About 86.5k on average (if doing yews)


Cost per run: About 850k (if doing yews)




Here's the fastest method to farm herbs.




Items needed:




Spade, seed dibber, rake, 24 astrals, 9 laws, 2 cosmics, 20 natures, 10 waters, Ectophial, 5 snapdragon seeds (or another kind of herb seed), 2 tireless run scrolls, spirit terrorbird pouch




Worn: Amulet of glory, Lava battlestaff, Magic secataurs, Explorers Ring




The method:




- Summon your spirit terrorbird, cast spellbook swap, and teleport to Trollheim. Climb down and go to the patch in Troll Stronghold. Teleport back to Edgeville and bank herbs if needed.


- Teleport to the Fishing Guild; run east to the patch near Ardougne. You may need to put some herbs in your Spirit Terrorbird.


- Use the Ectophial and farm the patch to the west.


- Use your glory to teleport to Edgeville, bank all your herbs, and use your Explorer's Ring to teleport to the herb patch northwest of Draynor.


- Use Catherby teleport and farm the patch there.




It should take about 5 minutes per run and you should average about 6.5 herbs per patch. Snapdragons are the best money out of any herb as they give about 900k profit per hour spent farming.




If you don't have 96 magic for Spellbook Swap, use Normal Magics. Use Camelot Teleport instead of Catherby teleport, use buckets of supercompost instead of Fertile soil, and use Skills necklaces instead of Fishing Guild teleport.




You can cast Spellbook Swap at 93 magic with a wizard mind bomb if you really want to.

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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good god how did that slip by me :oops: ?


thank you.

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