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~~~~quinn's bloggie - 70 prayer! def training now!~~~~

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Welcome to my blog!




i'll be posting my achievements here daily


[hide=about me]Hi, i'm xxquinnxx1 and this is my blog!


i'm 17 years old, but i'm almost 18. I started playing runescape for the first time when i was 12, i quit because i became bored with the non-member world.


2 years ago i started to play the game again. I also became member, but when my membership was done for i stopped playing. Whenever i had the opportunity to become member i played runescape again. At the moment it doesn't look like i will be losing membership for a while. i actually forgot there was so much to achieve! So i started to set some goals which i'd like to get in the next couple of months. Most of them will be easy to achieve, other will require a lot more effort and work.[/hide]




[hide=Goals]Well i have quite the amount of goals. Many which include hunting boss monsters. The red goals have been completed and the yellow ones where attempted but a failure


Stat-related goals:


80 attack


80 strength


80 Defence


99 ranged


70 prayer


85 slayer


68 summoning


50 hunting


68 smithing


50 runecrafting


70 agility


50 farming


50 construction


99 fletch (got to have trimmed ranged cape...)




Boss monster goals:


Kalphite Queen


King Black Dragon


Corporal Beast (will have to wait a looooong time before attending this one)


Zamorak GWD


Saradomin GWD


Armadyl GWD


Bandos GWD


Daggonoth kings


Tormented Demon






Other goals


getting 500 songs


every skill over 70


getting quest cape


getting in a good clan[/hide]




[hide=achievements]Boss monsters






full void!








80 attack






70 prayer






Other levels:




[hide=defence]def level 75 on 6 june 2009






[hide=ranged]ranged level 77 on 8 june 2009






[hide=hunter]Hunter 51 & 52 on 9 june 2009








[hide=smithing]smithing 52 & 53 & 54 on june 9 2009










[hide=construction]construction 49 & 50 on june 10 2009








[hide=prayer]prayer 57-62 on june 10 2009








I know I've got a lot of work ahead. But i wouldn't be myself if i didn't set a lot of goals for myself. At the moment i'm working on my ranged level and upgrading my fear.




thanks for reading my blog!



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after a lengthened weekend of doing runecrafting, killing aviansies, running around doing nothing i decided to cross of the king black dragon of my "to do" list. (why oh why did i forgot to take a screenshot of this? -.-)




anyway, so i took an antifire pot a prayer pot, some range potions and an inventory of sharks with a tiny elf crystal. My equipment was very basic, but i didn't want to risk a lot for my first try ever. As i went on my way i actually hoped other people where there to. After all it was my first time with no experience at all. But then i realised i already beat the inadequacy so this one should be a little easier. When i arrived there and went down there was no-one there. Since i had the tiny elf crystal to help me when it got bad i decided i should give it a go. I thought i wouldn't make it but i did with 6 sharks left, and one bad guy to cross of my list.




anyway the evening has still to continue and for the rest of the evening i'll spend it at pest control. (still have to go 700+ points for full void.)



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got a nice day today, got my first piece of void and got another 148 points. I ended the evening with a nice clan event: KBD hunting. I hope we get lucky and get a visage drop.




i'll put a picture of it tomorrow



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updated with some pictures




anyway today's achievements:


void gloves and just i'm a few points away from the melee helmet, i'll get both tomorrow.


at the start of the day i also got a hunter level i was close to it anyway.


i also got an attack level, and started to train on defence now



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long day today, and i did a lot of things to get ready for future leveling.




i managed to get full void today, but because of a lot of losses it took me longer then i expected. After void i went on some questing. I quickly finished haunted mines and did tarn's lair so i could enchant my salve amulet. After that i finished tribal totem and monk's friend, 2 easy quests which i hadn't finished yet. After questing i went for some aviansies. At 250 kills i teleported out to sell what i had gotten and to finish the clue. The clue reward wasn't big but a 75k profit is nice enough.



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i didn't have the chance to post my achievements yesterday so... anyway, it was a short day as usual (exams...) but i managed to do quite a bit, i was able to raise hunter and smithing and finish the "defender of varrock" quest short quest but fun. And only 4 more songs to go until i can do air guitar emote (finally -.-)




Today i was able to get a few construction and prayer levels (con to 50 and prayer to 62) i didn't take pictures of all prayer levels though.



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Defence and Prayer, nice choice of skills. :D GL with it!




thanks i was able to get defence nearly to 77...




anyway tomorrow is a big day i have a presentation which decides my whole future... i basically fail my year if i fail that presentation. but yeah no pressure.




anyway i'll probably get to 78 tomorrow, but i hope to get 79 or 80



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sorry for not posting any entries for 2 days, but my exams are just a tiny bit to important.




anyway yesterday i could play for like an hour and half and i got close to def 79 i hope to get it today and work on def 80...




after i get def 80 i'm going to have to consider training it to 85 or first training my strength to 80




today's entry: only so limited time i only could get to 20k from 79 def.



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