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26k Trick


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Actually I have two questions about the trick:




1: Is it allowed? Or can you get banned for it? (I heard it's allowed but I want to be 100% sure).




2: How does it work exactly? What do you need? Where to preform the trick? Or is there a guide where I can find all the information I need?

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Its not in the spirit of the game but i dont think you will be banned for it. They thing they dont like is people gaining drop potential in unfair ways.




Its works like this on f2p you risk at least 25003 coins (if you have nothing on) and go in a hot zone for a few hours. Then you find someone that wants to let you kill them while they have 26k of value(not noted items) on them. You kill them and you get a good drop of rune stuff. Then you risk 26k of items and let the other person kill you and they get some good rune items also. The reason i dont think Jagex cares is because in the time it take you to get the DP to get good items you could have been skilling and making much much more money then you ever would trying to "cheat" the pvp worlds or bounty worlds to give you good items. On p2p is 76k and not 26k. Ohh and the 26k is more money then u have to use you could do it with 25k when you die or with 25003 if your not skulled.

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