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Hi, guys. life of lv3 here :)




this is a little game me and my friends made, basically the aim of the game is to survive for the longest. now you maybe thinking to yourself 'that doesnt sound hard at all!' well here's the thing. it's in the wilderness.




heres the rules.




you have to wear NOTHING with an exeption to lightening clothes such as boots of lightness.


You must bring one of each of the following:




hatchet - anything up to steel suggested.


small net.


only food acceptable is trout and under.








okay once all of this is aquired we will travel deep into the wilderness. making possible trips to the kbd, chaos elemental and other beasts that roam the wilderness. the last man, or woman standing wins!




any level can play, but the LOWER level you are the more of a challenge it is.

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yes, i will be percipitating, as we all have our own challenge, for higher levels, there is the threat of revenants. they can teleblock, freeze and poisen you, and can also deal a high amount of damage for their levels. for me and other lower level's there are the standard greater deamons will will encounter on our journey accross the wilderness. and you may say it is easy, but remember. places such as dragons will be difficult for even for some of the highest level members, considering their firey breath can hit somewhere withing the regions of 40. (this is the case, as we are not aloud to bring anti dragon fire shields).

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:? i guess this game is more fun when you'r combat level is lower than 40, as then it is really down to luck. its acctualy a really fun game :).




True. But are you suggesting that i go and make a level 3 account and play???

Darth Adaar

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LOL that sounds different, next time I'm bored of training I'll grab my old pure and own him.


"Maybe someone should help you with that."

"Sir, I'm president of the Electronics club,

the math club, and the chess club, if

there's a bigger nerd in here, please, point him out."

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The problem with this idea is that most low levels I know are f2p, rather than p2p as in your case. Yes it would be true that you would need to be lower levels to have this seem fun.




Maybe a recreation of a battle of lvl 3s in TET could be in order again.

A reflection is just a distorted reality held by glass and your mind.



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